Child of Light

From start to finish this is one of the most artistic and beautiful experiences out there. Ubisoft alleviates some of the evil corporate image they have become so known for in past years while releasing a product that is something completely apart from the rest of the crowd. This game will tug at your heart strings and keep you mesmerized with an amazing soundtrack and an art direction completely of its own. 

The poetic rhyming style of speech was a wise choice and always felt as if it completely belonged in the setting of the game. I appreciate that I am able to play it in front of my child, but it is not by any means a game that feels too childish to enjoy. With an almost JRPG style combat system, that allows you swap between characters always keeping two on the battlefield against up to three enemies, I never found myself tiring of the fights that lead you along in your journey.

 There is a crafting system for “Occuli” that you gain through discovery and battle, in which you merge the different types together creating various types of upgrades for your characters attacks & defenses. The boss fights present more of a challenge than I had initially anticipated, which was very welcome and satisfying. I was also glad to see that when finished with the story you can still go through Lemuria to finish up the side quests which you did not find the time to. The controls are a great fit on both controller & mouse & keyboard which make this truly an adventure to behold. For more reviews & video game news make sure to follow this blog & follow on instagram & twitter @SublimeReviews 

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