Shadow Complex

I downloaded Shadow Complex as a free game with XBOX Live Gold, for a moment I was taken aback that it was a side scrolling shooter type game (not usually my favorite style), but once I dove into it I was very pleasantly surprised. Shadow Complex made me a believer in this style of game and already has me downloading other games of the genre on steam and scoping out ones already out and coming soon.

The guys at Chair made great use of the space in each section, with a very clever map that requires your full puzzle solving brain. Now I may have called this a side scroller, but don’t be confused. You climb up through air vents go down to the basement, swim in the water, & shoot people on any side of your character.

This game was extremely innovative in the way it used the left to right (& up to down) format. After getting past my initial fear of the style of game, I was hooked. I stayed up until 5 O clock on a Saturday night because I simply had to beat this game 😄.

Shadow Complex Remastered is now out on multiple platforms, and I highly recommend anyone to give it a play and possibly open your eyes to a whole new style of game if you’re anything like me.

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