Lifeline explores uncharted territory for mobile games by taking an interactive story aspect and meshing it with features on your phone that make you feel connected to the story in a way that no other game has before it.

It’s critics may say it is nothing but a “choose your own adventure story”, but it’s emersive style and great storytelling make Lifeline much more than that. Taylor is the astronaut who you will find yourself worrying about as you go about your daily routine, and I can remember more than one time waiting and waiting while dreading that I had made the wrong choice for the young space traveler.

I was relieved after leading Taylor to an untimely end to know that I could restart from the beginning and fast forward past waiting times that I had already experienced. You are also able to just rewind to a certain decision you made and just restart it from there if you don’t want to see what other small decisions might have held. All in all I think Lifeline set a precedent for games that I can not wait to play on mobile, & am excited to see what further innovations in this genre may hold in the future.


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