Star Wars: KOTOR

In honor of “May The 4th Be With You” day, I am doing a review in homage to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. It is available now on so many platforms that there is no excuse for not having played this classic RPG.

They even have this game on iOS now, which if you would have predicted to me years in the past, I would have laughed manically in your face. I have not played KOTOR on iPhone, but I have played the first 2 Dragon Quests & a Bards Tale on iOS and thoroughly enjoyed them so a great port of this seems likely.

I finished KOTOR for the first time a year ago on my honeymoon or shortly thereafter on Steam (sorry babe 😜). I was revisiting it because I had played but not finished years earlier on XBOX. It has all the elements I’ve ever wanted out of a Star Wars game and does a great job capturing multiple worlds in the Universe and exploring some great stories within the mythos.

My wife and I just finished re-watching all of the Star Wars movies a couple of weeks ago, & if you haven’t played KOTOR, maybe this game should be your way to celebrate “May The 4th Be With You”.

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One thought on “Star Wars: KOTOR

  1. Definitely one of the best RPGs and video games of all time from probably the most prolific RPG games development studio out there: BioWare. Really need to endorse how much this games deserves to be played by any RPG or SW fan.

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