Trine: Enchanted Edition

Ok let me start by saying any criticism aside, that I straight up loved this game and look forward to playing the next 2. However there are some pros and cons to the beautiful Trine: Enchanted Edition. As just mentioned this games design and beauty is what immediately drew me in and is what compelled me to buy the trilogy on steam and give it a run.

Trine is a platformer that uses three main characters who you are able to swap between to complete different tasks in the level. The Mage who can summon different items that become very useful, the Thief who is the archer of the group, & the Warrior who can take on foes face to face.

The flaws in Trine are minimal but almost all have to do with AI. The enemies wander into their own demise quite often, which doesn’t take you out of the game experience quite as much as when the bosses stomp right off the cliff. This usually happens when he is chasing you and your character falls off the cliff as well, but when you swap characters or respawn the boss is still gone which leads to some overly simplistic battles.

The story in Trine is kind of throw away, and serves more as a loading screen filler than anything. For this kind of game though that is actually a pretty good fit & did not leave me wanting more narrative. There is a narrator who explains the heroes plight and what they are about to delve into before each level.

So as you can imagine, the enemies and bosses killing themselves of can make for some pretty easy levels. I flew through the regular levels with relatively no problem, but when you come to the last level prepare to strap yourself in for a doozy. No matter how far you get, unless you reach the one check point at the very top, you will be sent straight back to the beginning over and over. This type of push back on the last level always endears a game to me I think the completion of a game should be a challenge and in that area Trine delivers.

My experience with the first of the Trine trilogy most definitely has me looking forward to the other two, & with the company partnering with GameStop for publishing on a new project, now is a good time to dig into the games if you haven’t already.

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