Dragon Quest I & II

Ok since I played both of these before starting this blog, and they are often grouped together anyway, I will be doing a quick review of both Dragon Quest I & II.

This was my first time playing any of the Dragon Quest games, & I was very pleased. I downloaded both of these on my iOS device and did not mind the touch screen controls. Throughout the entirety of both I & II I was hooked, any spare moment was on the phone playing through the amazing adventures they present.

In the first game you control one hero, who is in the bloodline of the legendary Erdrick, who is always spoken of but never seen. The battles are a JRPG style attack/spell/defend format & if you are into that style of combat as I am they keep you enthralled throughout the games.

Dragon Quest II features three main heroes, your main character, a male character, & a female character. Each of them play supporting roles in combat and the system for this works very well.

One thing I really appreciated about two was the intensely difficult final boss fight. I was frustrated with this for a day or so trying to figure out the best strategy to take him down, and the final feeling of finishing him off and completing the game was very satisfying. This may have been missing from the first game in hindsight, but it did not take away from the game experience at all. I thoroughly enjoyed both 1 & 2 & look forward to experiencing the rest of the series in the future.

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