Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishment


Where should i begin, Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments was a game that i had been waiting for. Not in the sense that i was following the development, but in that i have always wanted an amazing Sherlock Holmes games where you become Sherlock & solve the mysteries. After playing this one and getting more acquainted with Frogwares i now know that there were other great games like this for PC & there are more to come (along with an amazing Lovecraftian game, please God). So this game isn’t without its glitches, Sherlock will sometimes float walk in mid air, or other things of that nature. Another pet peeve of mine is realized with the invisible walls you run into as well. All that said, i did not feel that these things took me out of the very immersive and deep Sherlock Holmes experience that this game presents.


It has all the usual characters you would expect in a great Sherlock story, Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, Lestrade, and so on. I felt they were all portrayed very well and up to the standards of the legendary tales that they must live up to. If the upcoming Sherlock game “The Devil’s Daughter” & the game that is set in Lovecraftian horror both come out and are up to this standard, Frogwares just might nudge their way into being one of my favorite studios. The mechanics of observing different things about the characters you are speaking to gives you a great perspective of what it must be like inside of the mind of the great Sherlock Holmes, and the process of forming your deductions allows you to form your own conclusions whether you or right or wrong. If you make the wrong decision you are always allowed to go back and rework the final deductions until you get it right, as long as you do not complete the case and move on to the next.


There is something special to be said about a masterful creation such as this in tribute to an amazing literary work such as Sherlock Holmes, that both brings with it the spirit of the stories, and brings you into the mind of the main character allowing you to see things as he would if you could just for a moment step into his shoes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud if he were able to see the amazing work done by Frogwares in homage to his series of books about the detective that we all know and love. There really is nothing like taking the time to form your own ideas about the people in the case that you are working on, piecing together the deductions, finding the clues, & coming to your conclusion whether right or wrong, and watching the dramatic final scene of a long pondered case.


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