Steam Controller


I have been using my Steam Controller for a couple of months now, I can hands down say it is my favorite controller that I have used for several reasons. The touch pad controls work wonderfully and make for the easiest typing experience on a controller out there to my knowledge. A keyboard is brought up onto the screen while you use your thumbs to point and click your way though whatever you are typing, and I think its one of those things you just have to try for yourself to understand. the paddle controllers in the back are a great touch and have come in very useful for me thus far. If a combination of buttons you need to press are hard to access at the same time you can substitute one for a back paddle, I did this in Guacamelee and it came in very useful.


Being able to set your own controller layouts is something that in itself comes in very helpful in many games. I don’t support ripping off game developers and studios, so if there is a game that is available for purchase and easily accessible I believe that you should do the right thing and give the developers what they have earned by creating a game that you want to play. However, if the video game is dead and hard to find in any other format I think that playing the game on an emulator is a great way to keep the spirit of that game alive, for inspiration and pure enjoyment and I am sure that I am not alone in believing that. That being said, this controller also works great for emulators and is an all around great tool for PC gaming.


If you have been on the fence about grabbing yourself one, as I was,  I would urge you to buy the thing and give it a shot. It feels in your hands almost like an OG XBOX controller, but with more innovations on the game pad front than I had previously given it credit for. Its definitely just one of those things you have to experience before realizing how much you have always needed it, and I am thoroughly pleased with the experiences my Steam Controller has delivered thus far.

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