Bastion was an amazingly artistic game its been added to my favorites list on Steam and for good reason. I started the game on my Mac Book Air before running into some hardware issues and not getting back into it for quite some time. I have a windows computer also but was afraid that i had lost my progress from the Mac and did not want to start over. Luckily Steam Cloud saved the day and i continued right where i left off before this week and finished it in 2 or 3 sittings.


The first thing that captures you about Bastion is the way the ground appears beneath your feet while you take off down the path, between this and the narrator who speaks about your journey as you move along, Bastion has a style all of its own that captivated me right from the very beginning. There is a variety of weapons at your disposal the deeper you get into the game, both melee and ranged. These along with the special abilities that you are permitted to have one of at a time along with two weapons make the combat ever changing and very enjoyable.


There are many things they have integrated to make Bastion re-playable as well, i plan to do so after a short break. You can continue on the Bastion with your same weapons, open the different buildings in whichever order you like, and of course the split decision ending leaves you wondering what might happen when you choose the other option. There are Gods that you can activate at the shrine to make the game more difficult but more rewarding, Drinks that you can activate at the distillery that helps by giving you some perks that come in very handy during game play, and the forge where you can make all of your weapons sheer instruments of badassery.


I played at first with a mouse and keyboard, and when i came back to it with a Steam Controller. I had great fun with both, but for this particular game preferred the game pad. This games truly an experience like no other and it isn’t held as one of the best things to come out of XBOX Live Arcade for no reason. I was able to catch it on sale on steam but it would definitely be worth the full price tag if you are wondering and on the fence. Highly addictive, re-playable, and full of different weapons and abilities, Bastion has it all and delivers in a big way. This isn’t a game that is one of the best on the indie scene alone, i would venture to say it is one of the best period on par with its big budget / large studio counterparts.


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