I heard about Guacamelee when Donald Mustard was on the IGN Unfiltered podcast with Ryan McCaffrey. I had just finished Shadow Complex for the first time and was thirsty for another game in the same vein. Guacamelee delivered on this note and then some. It’s one of my favorite platformers I have ever played, and there is just so much it does right. You play as Juan, an aspiring and then realized Luchador, who has to save the girl and save the world. It is set in Mexico during the Dia De Los Muertos festivities and does a great job setting the scene. 

I played the Gold edition, before finding out that Super Turbo Championship edition is about the same thing but a little newer and polished. This is info I wish I knew beforehand, but I loved the game so much that I am sure I will make time in the future to run through the newer edition. You can play co op, although I never did personally during my playthrough. If you had someone dedicated to play I can see how it would be very helpful in some situations. There are tons of great character skins for the Gold edition (Nacho Libre, Shovel Knight, The Tick, etc.) and I did see a thread on steam about how to transfer them over to Super Turbo Championship Edition, if you are wishing you had all your great old skins for the new version.

So in my books for what it’s worth, Guacamelee is one of the best at what it does all time. It’s difficult (prepare to rage quit), it’s got a story that draws you in, it has layers of functionality in the controller scheme, and it ties all of this together in a way that just really works and keeps you hooked until the end. I remember thinking while playing the second to last boss, “there’s no way it can get harder than that”. I was certainly wron about that, but it doesn’t push you away to the point that it seems Unreachable, you get better and it runs very smoothly when you get your pacing. 

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