Warhammer Quest

I played Warhammer Quest on mobile (iOS) and played through all of the part that comes with your initial purchase. I do plan to buy the rest and continue playing but I feel like I got the gist enough to write a quick review for it. I know more about the 40k universe of Warhammer but I really enjoyed this game and it makes me want to check into the other worlds of Warhammer as well. You play as a group of 4 that is traveling town to town and earning money by their swords. 

You start with an Archer, a Mage, a Warrior, & a Dwarf. You can change this crew up if you like but I stuck with it through the parts that I have played. You can buy your level ups at any town, as well as other weapons to exchange for, potions, armor, etc. It really is a great turn based RPG, and perfect for screwing off on your phone for short amounts of time.

If you are looking for a turn based phone game this game is a great pick. Each mission has a great story and while it may not be the most immersive game it definitely keeps you coming back. The feeling of slaying a room full of Orks and leveling up your team is very satisfying. There are points where you can make decisions that affect your journey, how long to stay and feast, whether to do the honest or dishonest thing, or whether to be true to your word against the offer of more money.

I’m also playing Deathwatch right now which is set in the 40k universe, but I will come back to that for a future review. It is about a Tyranid invasion and you play as the Space Marines. So definitely give either one of those games a shot if you are into the turn based scene, they are great games with amazing gameplay, good graphics, and stories based in the awesome universe of Warhammer.

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