A Bird Story

A Bird Story is a short story driven game about a small boy, in the realm of the shadow people and walking trees, and his best friend who is a bird that he saves from a certain badger death.

Had to get a pic in of the shadow people before I lost you. The walking trees you will just have to see for yourself. The game was over before I knew it but it is told in a very emotionally impactful way. You are lead through the journeys of the the boy and his bird in a very creative and artistic way. The visuals are very much like a retro RPG but it is very much a story book and not a game that you do any wondering of your own.

It can be a bit slow at times, for me it took a while to get going before I felt connected to the story. Once it gets going though it is a delightful experience and has a really wonderful charm to it. If you have a little over an hour to dedicate to it, expect to finish it in the first sitting.

It is definitely a niche type game and you will not get a lot of gameplay out of it by any means. However, if you are looking for a short game to play through and kick back while enjoying a nice little story, this game is worth a look. What it lacks in problem solving and a challenge, it makes up for with a unique charm and a beautifully told story.

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