Lifeline 2: Bloodline

Lifeline 2 takes you on the journey of a young Mage named Arika who is in search of her brother Rand, and will stop at nothing and go to any lengths to find him. If you are not familiar with the Lifeline series, this is done in an interactive story. You will receive messages to your phone from the character, and can read and answer them from your closed screen, or you can swipe it open and read it in its entirety before giving the answer or direction to Arika.

I will admit that this one took me much longer to plow through than the first one. I blame that much more on my tension span with mobile games and the hustle and bustle of everyday life than I do the game, not to mention it is considerably longer than the first. That being said Dave Justus has most certainly done it again with this installment. The character is relatable, the story is intriguing, and you really get emotionally involved when something could possibly happen to Arika.

The choices are what make or break you in Lifeline, and I can remember deliberating for minutes over which one to take in fear of leading Arika astray into defeat. Because it took me so long to finish I would be coming back to it and not as connected with the character at times which reminded me I was being told a story not talking to someone. That only needs to be mentioned because there are times where that barrier is definitely lost and you do feel connected enough to these characters that it feels like you are messaging someone back and forth and giving them helpful advice.

Well that about wraps it up for this review, make sure to check into Lifeline it truly is a special series with a lot to offer in the mobile space. While you are at it check out my review of the first Lifeline game where you help a lost astronaut named Taylor who crashes on an unknown planet and is the lone survivor.

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