The Last Door: Season 1

Let me just start by saying that you will never be as scared of pixels in your life as you will be if you play through The Last Door. There were more genuinely chilling moments in this point and click adventure game than in most AAA horror games. It is Lovecraftian which is a very endearing factor to me, but they introduce that factor in such a creative way. I truly believe that if H.P. Lovecraft were in the indie game scene today, what he came up with would not be far off from this amazing work of art by The Game Kitchen.

The cult scenes were some of the most frightening ones in he first season. They tell a story in such a way that you are at the same time perplexed as to what could be at the root of everything, while so drawn to the mystery that you can not put the mouse down. I do mention the mouse, but these games are also available on mobile if that is more up your alley. I thoroughly enjoyed the PC version, but I would urge you to play them however you are most comfortable. I personally started on mobile a while back but got so stuck that I didn’t pick it back up until I got the first season on Steam. This is, I’m sure, much more a testament of how I am with mobile gaming rather than how well the mobile version plays.

I was so excited to learn that the second season is up and ready to go, I think it is worth saying that the first season made it into my short list of favorite steam games and with very good reason. It is not always easy to solve the next step of the journey, it sometimes takes tracking through the different rooms and pondering how you could combine your collected objects or use them to interact with the environment. I am honestly blown away by the level of emersion they were able to pull of with the graphics that are used and the point and click system. I am by no means a person who demands high quality graphics and resolution for games, but still the level of depth and story they were able to pull off with the most basic level of quality, is simply breathtaking.

I could rave about the reasons this game is a must play for any gamer for hours, but I really think that I would be wasting time that you could be using to just go and play it now, it is just that good. I seriously appreciated all the time and effort spent in making this game into a genuine addition to the Cthulhu Mythos. It utilizes some of the more eerie aspects of Lovecraftian horror in an unexpected way that made for one incredible experience.

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