Brütal Legend

Brütal Legend is Jack Black’s open world, Metal Apocalypse, video game. His finger prints are definitely all over it which I was glad to see. He plays the main character who is a roadie, wielding his guitar as a ranged weapon and his literal axe as his melee weapon. It was a very entertaining game, I loved the voice acting and cut scenes. His humor comes through in a great way and in my opinion was the shining feature of the game.

There were some different styles of gameplay incorporated. In the main campaign there are some battles that turn into an RTS type of showdown. I was surprised by this at first but it actually played pretty well. I do have my problems with some of the gameplay though. The traversal was something that just didn’t really feel all that great to me. The handling of the car wasn’t so good and you would have to drive it in narrow places at times and that became very frustrating. I also thought they could have done a better job of incorporating combos in the hand to hand combat, it just didn’t have that type of connected feeling where you could string together a bunch of attacks and counters.

Those beefs aside I did enjoy many different features in the game. You play guitar riffs, in a way that I thought was reminiscent of Ocarina of Time, to accomplish different tasks. You can pump up your army in the RTS mode, summon your car, or melt the faces off of your foes with a wicked solo. They also have a pretty sick upgrading system for your character and car that is introduced and run by someone that you might find familiar.

There were some really cool little legends that you can listen too that sound like some kind of Metal Mythology. I thought this was a nice touch and it gives some background to the strange land you find yourself wondering. All in all it was a very Jack Black game, and I totally enjoyed it and was glad to have given it a shot. It didn’t strike me when it first released as something for me, but the almighty power of the Steam Summer sale made me reconsider. It proved itself to me as a legit video game and not just some celebrity endorsed junk.

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