Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad out performed all of my expectations and should be considered nothing less than an indie classic. This game truly is something to behold (no developer pun intended), and is a perfect example of how less can be more with the right burst of creativity and clever design. You play as the Chroma Squad (or whatever you decide to name them) who are your very own fully customizable version of the Power Rangers. You pick the names, the outfits, the colors and genders, the weapons, even the species. All of this in the studio that you also name, because Chroma Squad isn’t just about the Power Rangers, it is about filming the Power Rangers which makes for a ton of hilarious jokes that are very Meta. This also is how you achieve different goals while playing, they are called the “director’s instructions”.

It is a tactical RPG game that has an amazing battle system. You can launch your friends further than they could usually walk by using teamwork and throwing acrobatics. You can also use that same type of idea to attack the enemies, either up close and personal or with weapons from a distance. The in game system is truly what makes Chroma Squad so fun. It is not too difficult to latch onto and understand, and it really just works very well and is quite addicting. 

The story is great, I won’t give away anything but it definitely has its share of twists and turns. It’s without a doubt the gameplay that keeps you coming back for more but the story is charming and very funny at times. I was interested from the first time I heard the premise of the game, and what they delivered as I said before was just far beyond anything I could have expected. The next couple of features that I will delve into are the leveling up of your characters & the Mecha fights.

Leveling up your characters and your studio is so extremely satisfying. They really do a wonderful job of making you feel like you are taking this group of friends from a rinky dink basement project to the heights of an amazing and grand production. Each character has abilities that help you better decide what types of weapons you should be using with them (in some cases). There is the Lead role, the Assault, the Scout, the Techie, & Support. Each of these plays vital roles that are necessary to your squad working like a well oiled machine. The scout is like your Rogue who is best with daggers and in close, while the Support hangs back and heals your fighters while shooting with the bow. Your assault can generate some of the strongest attacks and launch people the furthest while doing acrobatics, the Techie has a bunch of neat abilities that are a great asset to the group, and of course there is the Lead who can rally the troops and is the most beastly warrior of the crew.

The Mecha fights are pretty epic as well. You are able to upgrade your Mecha with different crafting materials. You can also use the crafting for your characters but there is a store for the characters as well, while the Mecha does not have this option. The Mecha has different abilities and defenses that you are able to use against the massive versions of enemy bosses. You can upgrade the abilities that suit your fighting style. They have the bazooka arm, the drill arm, the blaster chest, and many more offensive weapons as well as all kinds of forms of defense. These fights run smoothly and are a completely different style from the rest of the combat. It’s easy to feel on top of the world when you are in fact playing as a massive robot reminiscent of your childhood who is trampling all over it.

I’d like to talk a little bit more about the crafting system because I noticed I have kind of skimmed over that aspect. Just as everything else in the game the crafting materials and finished products become more stately and extravagent with time. You collect these materials in battle or you can buy packs of them. There are in fact things available from crafting that you can not get from the store and vice versa. The crafting items increase in levels and it takes so many of one thing to create another. Such as, it takes a certain number of cardboard boxes to create a wood board, then a certain number of wood boards plus a certain number of plastics can upgrade this part of your Mecha or create that sword or armor. 

So in short, Chroma Squad just nails it. It has that perfect concoction of nostalgia and fantastic gameplay, like no game that I have personally ever seen before. For tactics fans it is a must play, and if you are a fan of indie games this is definitely not one to be taken lightly. I was coming off of the long arduous campaign of the Witcher: Enhanced Edition and looking for something a bit more light hearted. Chroma Squad didn’t just hit the spot, it hit the ball out of the ballpark, and it had so much more depth than I initially anticipated.

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