Costume Quest 2

Just in time for Halloween, here is my review of Costume Quest 2! Yes 2 not 1 it was the free game one month and I skipped the first, so what? You wanna fight about it?? So this game is definitely Tim Schafer and Double Fine at their finest. It is a lot like Earthbound, in that it is a JRPG style game with children as the main protagonist. It also definitely has references to Earthbound with things like the Candy Corn who makes excuses for why it won’t take a turn during combat. Now my earlier statement aside I do really hope to go back and play the first game when I have the chance, because I enjoyed this game very much.

Another great aspect is how family friendly this game is. It was like a cartoon for my son to watch so he wasn’t annoyed with what was on the tv or scared by it. He actually watched and laughed much of the time that I had the game taking up his precious TV space. I enjoyed their version of a JRPG combat system that actually makes you focus a little more on timing as you deliver or block each attack. You have many costumes that you can cycle through for each player in your team. Anywhere from a Ghost, a Hot Dog, a Super Hero, or a Dinosaur, to a Wizard, Thomas Jefferson, a Werewolf, or a Clown. There are plenty to choose from and they each have their own special powers in battle. Not every costume has an ability to use while exploring but the ones that do will prove to be vital to your moving past certain road blocks on the way. 

The story takes you on a journey through time into a dystopian Halloween-less future ran by the evil overlord Orel White DDS. This is obviously your mission to fix and prevent, no kid deserves to be kept from his constitutional right to go trick or treating. The humor of the game really fits the style and makes it a very enjoyable experience. Trick or treating at the different houses along the way is also taken very literally, you either are treated with some candy and possibly costume parts, or tricked into a battle with one of Dr. White’s minions. I loved the visual direction, it’s a style that will always look as good as it does today. When games take that cell shaded or cartoony look as opposed to the realistic and gritty approach, it always seems to stand the test of time much better than its counterpart. 

So especially in the spirit of the Halloween season, Costume Quest 2 is definitely worth a look. It would be just as fun any time of the year also, but what better time than now to get into the candy gourging spirit! I think that Halloween was a great choice for the setting in these games. It’s when children’s imaginations are running wild and what better way to express a childhood adventure than to see those dreams lived out. Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks for stopping by the blog and I wish a wonderful holiday to you and your family.

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One thought on “Costume Quest 2

  1. Nice review! I like Tim Schafer and Doublefine, and actually picked this game up during a Steam sale a year ago. Thanks for reminding me that I need to play this, especially since Halloween is coming up!

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