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πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ *Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer*

Ok guys I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that the Nintendo Switch reveal blew all expectations out of the water. It’s not just some meaningless gimmick, this thing looks legit. There are so many different ways to play, and they finally have some hardware that looks top of the line at least for what it is trying to pull off. You can sit on the couch with a perfect looking normal controller (thank goodness), or with the switch controller that connects to the tablet when you leave. All you have to do to switch it to a handheld is walk up and click on the controls to the side of the tablet while you pull it out of the toaster ***console. There are multiple ways to play once you get to that point as well, you can keep it with the controls on the side, pull off one of the smaller controllers and use that, or play against a friend with the small controllers that click on the side. It’s not so much all of the ways to play that make the switch that make it so great, but just how actually amazing it looks to play any of the ways that you can choose. None of them seem tacked on at the last minute, it is all well thought out and turns the Switch into an all in one amazing piece of work that is a video gamers dream.

Let’s talk about the quality hardware a bit. I’m not the best at understanding specs and what makes for the best quality graphics, etc. I do however know that Nvidia is a great choice for Nintendo to partner with and judging by the quality that you can see in the video they were very smart to make that move. I was super worried when hearing about the code name NX that it would be a screen more similar to a WiiU or a DS that you attach at home and can carry about. This just looks a hundred times better than that or anything else that I might have dreamed up while anticipating the design.

Now for the next super exciting part, everybody say it with me now, 3rd party support! The one that excited me the most personally was Bethesda, but there are a ton of others who are hopping on the wagon with Nintendo. They showed Skyrim being played in the preview which shows that this system can handle a big game. It is not going to have to be some dumbed down handheld game that can’t be expansive with great graphics. That is a huge deal and I am sure it will attract more and more support as this hype train keeps on chugging.

Unreal engine also tweeted that it will be partnering with Nintendo to help developers get their dreams onto this amazing little dream machine. I am certain that will lead to some amazing experiences and I can’t wait to hear more news from that partnership. We saw games in the trailer such as Skyrim as already mentioned, NBA 2K17, Splatoon, Zelda Breath of the Wild, & a brand new 3D Mario. I would consider all of those games all but confirmed for the Switch, some don’t believe that it means that, but the backlash would be too great for showing people’s favorite games and then not including them.

I just love the idea of taking a high quality game and being able to play it on the living room TV and being able to take it into the other room without missing a beat if something comes up in that room. With the looks of the quality I am hoping this is finally the console where we can have our favorite Nintendo games that we can’t find anywhere else and all of the amazing third party experiences that PlayStation & XBOX have. If you are an 80s or 90s kid then chances are most of your childhood consisted of Nintendo games, I know that mine did. So seeing them having a great shot at taking back the spotlight and being able to prosper as a major player just does something for me that is really wonderful. Of course this is pure speculation and many would think I am giving too much credit to a 3 minute trailer. That is very likely true, but the thing is I felt as though Nintendo one of the most nostalgic companies for me personally was about to go belly up as far as consoles go. I hated the way that it sounded so gimmicky and I was in the train of thought that they needed to just put out a powerful regular machine and be done with the console magic tricks. This reveal changed my mind in a big way and I will be anxiously waiting any details that come in the future, here’s to Nintendo’s success and unwillingness to go along with the flow of mainstream gaming! For better or worse they will always be a special company, all of their own.

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One thought on “Nintendo Switch

  1. Great article! I’m excited for games from both Nintendo and third-parties. Also, you’re right. I didn’t realize it until now, but that thing’s a toaster, haha. I kind of want Nintendo Switch Pop-Tarts now.

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