Pokémon Black & White

Just as all the versions of Pokémon before it, this game was an incredible journey. I played Pokémon White version on the 2DS. It is an OG DS game, but that is part of the awesome backwards compatibility with the 2DS, I highly recommend it. Well jumping right into the game, the first three Pokémon to choose from in these versions are Tepig (fire), Snivy (grass), & Oshawott (water). Their evolutions are as pictured in the chart from Bulbapedia below.

There were many moments that the game felt strangely philosophical. From the little bits of wisdom like “If you make a mistake and you do not correct it, then you have made two mistakes.” To the existential dilemma with Pokémon as a whole. This seriously is the only time a bad guy in the Pokémon universe had me agreeing with their reasoning behind their actions. Team Plasma headed by N (it may stand for something it may not, don’t ask questions) & the mastermind Ghetsis bring up the 100% valid point that fighting Pokémon is… like fighting Pokémon. Let me go a little deeper with that, if you take what Pokémon are and present them in a real world situation, then they are basically animals. Fighting Pokémon is basically animal fighting, dog fighting, cock (hehe cock) fighting, Hog-Dog fighting (it’s a real thing I’m not making it up), etc etc. Even in the world of Pokémon this is done for personal gain, money, victory, self glory, accolades. So fighting animals for you own personal benefit, not looking so good for the good guys at this point right?

156 sweet little dollar signs, get back in your ball!!!


So obviously there is a catch. This, Team Plasma, says they want to liberate the Pokémon and set them free from their oppressive owners. A goal that seems fair enough behind their solid reasoning earlier mentioned. That however is a cover up for their actual plans to steal all of the Pokémon or have the master voluntarily set them free, leaving the planet defenseless as they totally dominate and own it, muwahahahha GET REKT!! So boom, there is the ringer, good guys aren’t having none of that shit not in their house. Bad guys get taken down, good triumphs over evil, and the hero takes one long Tea Bag pose over the treacherous villain with every issue resolved right? Well besides the fact that they leave the completely compelling (yet ingenuine) point brought up by Team Plasma unresolved. It’s not an issue I have with the game, it is just me venting that I will forever be epically mind fucked over the most cherished game from my childhood being a glorified dog fighting simulator.

PokéRoids, because my Bulbasaur will straight vine fuck your Squirtle


I’ve been a Pokémon fan from the jump. We all had Poké fever in the 90’s it was a craze that took the world by storm. The likes of which was never seen again until a crazy thing came out for mobile gamers called Pokémon GO, totally unrelated as far as I can tell. Seriously though, Pokémon has a way of igniting the world like I have never seen from another brand. It is a madness that gets brought up not just by the fans, but by massive news stations & other people who just generally don’t have anything to do with that kind of scene. I got my first Gameboy color that was emblazoned with Pikachu and came with my own copy of Pokémon Yellow. I was also a huge fan of the card game and felt like a Pokémon master laying down my red binder full of cards before taking my poor friend to the cleaners repeatedly (we played for cash & car notes). So playing through Pokémon White was a sheer delight and if your experience with Pokémon is anything like mine, then I highly recommend you go back and check it out if you have not had the chance to play it. Even if you are new to Pokémon, this game is definitely worth a look.

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2 thoughts on “Pokémon Black & White

  1. Nice! I like the philosophical spin of the team this time around, even if it doesn’t make the most sense. I also liked that only new Pokemon appeared throughout the game. It made the series feel fresh, and I love that about this gen!

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  2. Pokemon Black/White were good Pokemon games, but they had the worst starters of all time in my opinion. We got our third straight Fire/Fighting type that couldn’t hold a candle when compared to the two that came before it. Oshawott, and Snivy weren’t great either.

    I really enjoyed both games though.

    Great review.

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