Lifeline: Silent Night

In this installation of the Lifeline series we meet back up with the original character, Taylor. Taylor is the Astronaut who first contacted us from the Varia and ended up trapped on an unknown planet in some pretty hopeless circumstances. These games are basically interactive stories told through a text format. Think of a choose your own adventure book where you are talking directly to the main character and helping them decide what to do next. There is some really cool functionality to it also. When the character sends messages you are able to read them from your lock screen and swipe from the right to pick your answer. Of course this doesn’t always allow you to read the full dialogue so you can swipe from the left to go into the game fully.

So we aid Taylor in a new journey, that as you can see is slightly Christmas themed. He is with the crew who saved him from the desolate planet that caused him so much grief and horror in the first game of the series. Sadly it isn’t all fun and games in this one as they run into some pretty horrible circumstances on their journey back to home. This chapter of Lifeline adds some cool new features, such as the map that you can check from time to time to see where Taylor is at the moment. This doesn’t serve too much in the way of being a vital tool in the game, but I think it is a cool novelty to add to the experience.

I don’t want to give too much about this version away, it’s hard to avoid letting on that Taylor made it through the first one however. I will just say that there is definitely some conflict and as in all of the Lifeline games Dave Justus builds he character very well and does a wonderful job of connecting you to them. I really feel like this is just such a genius idea for a phone game series because it is hard to keep people’s interest with a normal style of game in the mobile space. But, when you take some masterful sci fi writing  that keeps the reader entranced to the point that it almost feels like a text conversation, then you have them eating out of the palm of your hand. One thing that is definitely good to know with these games, you can go back to an answer and tap on it to rewind to that spot. I wish that I had known this before I rewinded very far after failing Taylor at the end the first time.

So like I hinted at earlier, this idea for a phone game is just much more appealing to me than what we usually see. It gives you something to think about and look forward to, you can play it in short snaps and not be ruining the game experience for yourself, and the accessibility of even being able to advance the story from your lock screen is great. I think these games have a lot of depth while also respecting your time. So if you haven’t played any of the Lifeline games I definitely recommend the 3 that I have played. Just be sure to play the original before Silent Night. So of the 3 that I have played Lifeline & Lifeline: Silent Night feature Taylor, & Lifeline: Bloodlines features the mage Arika. They are all totally worth the time you put into them and are some really great stories.

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