Stardew Valley – SGR: GOTY 2016

*Throws champagne/Pops confetti* 🎉

What a great year it has been for video games. We have had so many long awaited releases come out and live up to every bit of their hype. This is a wonderful thing to see because a lot of times the hype trains can tend to be for not. The Last Guardian, Inside, Stardew Valley, and even though there was a huge negative reaction to No Man’s Sky, it is still a game that a lot of people enjoy and love. I have been very impressed with all of the games I have been able to play that were released this year, and it leaves me anxiously awaiting the years to come as we see this industry shaping itself into something that is truly special. I will be mentioning my runner up, but for now let’s get to my big winner for the year, Stardew Valley. 

‘Tis the season… of the Steam winter sale.

I just can not praise this game and developer enough. I did go in depth about this game very recently In my review, but there was a challenge posted in a video games community that I enjoy writing in to name a best game of 2016 & Stardew was the clear shot winner for me. I can’t get my wife to play video games for anything, I always try to hype her up about different things and get her involved but nothing was able to do get her hooked until Stardew. We both now have over a collective hundred hours into it and do not plan on stopping any time soon. I will try to hit in its strong points without being too repetitive, please forgive me if I do hit on any same topics from before.

Extraterrestrial burgertastic!

This game just does so much right. It’s hard to pick out favorite aspects when really everything just flows together in a complete & satisfying set of tasks each day. Some days it is hard to know where to even begin after getting the daily mandatory tasks completed, such as watering plants or feeding & petting animals. There are plenty of options to choose from. I would also like to say that I am an apologist of the fishing mini game, just hang with it you guys! It is seriously fun, it just takes a little bit of grinding and you get better at it while really getting a little bit of taste of fighting with a fish to reel it in. I read a lot of people who are down on it or think it is too difficult, but I have thought that it was a great addition from the beginning. 

*Pictured above* – Not the fishing

The mining is my favorite area to venture into. It gets more difficult and perilous the deeper you delve into the mines, and there is plenty of awesomeness to discover while trekking below. There are different environments, monsters, ores, & prizes for various sections of the mine. It is extremely engaging and interesting, I spend much of my time adventuring here. The farming works great also and can take up much of your time depending on how many animals you have or how many crops before you get sprinklers. This is all not even including the social aspects, the marriage and children, the mini game at the bar which is daunting and a blast, and the amazingly done events that happen at certain times of the year. It really is a full game that is just bursting with life.

If ya smelllllllll…
Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?

Now I don’t want to go on too long, I will let you read the full review if interested in reading more about this spectacular game. Let me get to a small section about my runner up, Oxenfree. This game was a beautiful and artistic story driven game. You choose the way the story unfolds as you follow a group of teens who stumble into a very trippy series of events while celebrating on an island where they often get together. The storytelling is top notch and the way you affect the direction is while only very slightly reminiscent of games like TellTale is totally done in a way all of its own. I only mention it because it is the best way I can think to reference the timed response, if you do not choose in time you will say nothing and the group will react accordingly. My full review of Oxenfree is up right here.

If you ain’t first, you’re last!

Well that wraps it up for this year, I hope that yours was a happy and full one. There have been some great additions to the gaming selection this year. As you might imagine I highly recommend that you give these two a shot, they are extremely well done and will continue to stand out as excellent games for years to come. Happy holidays from my family to yours, and thank you for taking the time to check out my first game of the year selections.

Read my full review of Stardew Valley Here

Read my full review of Oxenfree Here

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4 thoughts on “Stardew Valley – SGR: GOTY 2016

  1. I didn’t play Stardew Valley, but I heard lots of excellent things about it. I’d probably enjoy it but I doubt I’d be able to put in the time needed to get the most out of it. Oxenfree though, I loved that one! Engaging story, likeable characters, great art style. And it was the perfect length for me!

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