An Early Christmas Surprise

Wiggly joystick & all!!

So I have been crazy nostalgic lately for the Nintendo GameCube. My lovely mother obliged my obsession and got me the black version with a copy of the Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition. This was a shockingly perfect choice for a first game as well, I am super excited to play the original Legend of Zelda and the second one as well for the first times. I am also looking forward to revisiting the Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask to see how well they hold up now that I am a big ass man who has played plenty of new amazing games since then.

These tiny little discs really are something else
There’s some red stuff, some blue stuff, oh wait Sunny D! Alright Mom!

I’m mostly looking forward to going back and finding games that I missed out on and don’t get the chance to play. I’m sure a lot of that will rely on my luck in searching through thrift shops and retro game stores. I am also definitely looking forward to revisiting a few that I really enjoyed at the time, the Windwaker, Animal Crossing, Sonic Adventure 2, etc. if anybody knows some great retro sites or places I would appreciate the recommendations. Also looking to see what cool things I can do to modify my new/old system or what not, there are some really great projects out there with raspberry pi’s and things like that. So yeah, I really don’t have too much to say, just wanted to share about my awesome loot and get some recommendations from you guys for the cube. Stay tuned and I’m sure I will have some retrospective Reviews on some old GC games and maybe some builds if the stars align for it. I especially am looking forward to playing Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. I am a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan, and this game is one that I was very upset to have missed and not have a way to play.

And it’s all thanks to the big fat man with the long white beard! His name is Charles and he smells like cheese…

10 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Surprise

  1. Awesome!!! That’s such a terrific gift, and I’m so happy that you’ll have chance to play back through some games you’ve been missing. It looks practically brand new, and the controller looks to be in good shape too.

    I just recently got a Game Cube myself and haven’t played through many of the games on the system, but heresay tells me that Paper Mario is good, and so is Skies of Arcadia Legends if you’re into RPGs. I’ve also heard great things about the Harvest Moon games for GC as well. People seem a little obsessed with Super Smash Brothers for this console as well, so it might be worth looking into? All the other games you mentioned above I’ve played or am planning to play through eventually with gusto. I’ve dabbled a bit in Animal Crossing and think it’s a good time, so I can second that heartily.

    I don’t know if you’re interested in playing Game Boy or Game Boy Advance games on your television, but a good accessory to try to track down might be the Game Boy Player (make sure it comes with the disc!). I think it’ll play all Game Boy games from all previous generations, inclusive! It is a pretty sleek attachment that goes right into the bottom of the GC console.

    Happy playing!

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      1. I’m gonna cry. Skies of Arcadia is my favorite JRPG and it’s honestly so underrated and overlooked. I’m so happy to see it getting the attention it deserves.
        That being said, I too would love a follow-up to SoA, but I’m not sure how it would be set up. SoA tied up all its loose ends at the end imo (RIP Drachma 😥 )

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  2. Great Christmas gift! I have a lot of love for the GameCube. Animal Crossing is one of my favorites, but there are a lot of great games out there for it! Luigi’s Mansion is awesome if you ever get a chance to check it out.

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