Don’t Starve (First Impressions)

I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend, hopefully like me with an extra day or two off of work for maximum gaming time. Don’t Starve was one that had been sitting in my Steam library that I decided to boot up this weekend, another was YouTuber’s Life which I also really enjoyed and will try to get a first impression post up for that as well. So in Don’t Starve you play as Wilson, a poor little hungry dude that is inexplicably out in the wilderness having to rough the wild. There is nothing as far as story or plot, you are just thrust into this open world of survival that has you gathering resources and crafting what you need to live another day.

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Why can’t I eat these twigs!?
I found myself having sympathy pains for the poor guy! I actually ended up grabbing a couple of cookies because the game was making my stomach rumble even though I had just eaten dinner. Now I am usually one to enjoy a game with a deep and rich story. There are times, however, where something like this that you can jump straight into and play with no mental commitment are just what I need. As far as I have gotten (I’m only about 2 hours in so far) the crafting and survival aspects work very well and seem to be effortless. It is a point and click game so the layout is very simple but not in a way that draws anything away from the experience. As you can see in the pics, the animation looks as if it is inspired by the works of Tim Burton in part. It is a very unique 2d open world design with beautiful animation.

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I haven’t even gotten a proper camp walled off but looking around there is so much you can build and do.
I love to play around in games like this where the possibilities are endless. In that way it reminds me of Minecraft, Terraria, Stardew Valley, all those games where you can craft and put things together your own unique way. I sucked so bad at first, I kept dying on the first day. You get used to the flow of everything though and begin to realize which things are more and less important to your survival. That’s not to say I’m amazing at it now, I have barely broken into week two on my current save. It can be a real struggle to just find enough food to survive. I learned to dig up the berry bushes and plant them by my campsite. To place traps by areas greatly crowded with wildlife. I obviously still have a ton to learn though because each day is definitely a constant struggle. There are also doors that you can discover that lead you into a challenge where there are 5 different worlds you will need to survive through. I didn’t quite fully understand this part yet, but it seems like it adds another fun component to the game.


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Look at these clever bastards!
The developer is Klei Entertainment which rhymes with “Play”. I was obviously not the only one who couldn’t figure it out because they had it included in the header of their official website. It is a company headed and began by Jamie Cheng, who previously worked for Relic, the company behind all of the awesome Warhammer: Dawn of War games. I am a huge fan of the only Dawn of War game I have had the pleasure of playing so far which is called Warhammer: Dawn of War II – Retribution. So that is a good history to have for a developer. Klei has also put out other games worth noting, such as a tactical RPG that looks really cool called Invisible Inc. & a game that I just saw recommended in a Metal Jesus Rocks video titled Mark of the Ninja. Of course there are many other variants of the Don’t Starve series that are all created by the same company.

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Well that will about wrap it up for my short preview. I definitely am digging what I am seeing so far of this game and would recommend it to fans of the survival/crafting genres. Hopefully I will get much further along into the game and put together a full review, but I will just have to wait and see how that plays out. Hopefully I was able to shed enough light on what the game is generally about and whether or not you will have a good time with it. Thanks for reading and I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend.

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Victory!! Time to look for the eggs

*EDIT* – I would like to add that there is a storyline to the game which I carelessly overlooked. It was politely pointed out to me by a few generous bloggers. In the opening scene it explains that Wilson is an independent scientist who is having trouble one night. The radio begins to speak to him and says that it has secret knowledge for him that will aid his experimentation. After creating what is instructed by the mysterious radio Wilson is sucked into the device and ends up in the opening scene of your first survival day. Here you are taunted by Maxwell the games main antagonist, and you begin your journey from there. Thanks so much for those who were able to help me see my error!

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