Youtubers Life (First Impressions)

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Charlie bit my finger!

So this was another game that I got some first look time in with over the Easter weekend. I also put about 2 hours into this one as well as Don’t Starve. I thoroughly enjoyed both games but they are extremely different in nature. This one has you take your Youtuber through a rags to riches type story. It is a simulation game, you have to stay on top of the eating, sleeping, studying, and working. Picture playing the sims where you only follow your one character and have to set goals to progress their career with Youtube and you will basically be thinking of how this game operates.

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“I’m going to be just like Pewdiepie Mom!”

You start off at your dear old Mom’s house, and she is super insistent that you “Go Study” when all you want to do is work on your Youtube channel, but such is life. I personally made my character do a gaming channel, but there are different options which gives the game a great boost in replayability. Of course the money that you make from your videos starting off is a very small amount so if you want to add games & consoles to your collection or upgrade your PC, you are going to have to go to work! It is a really fun experience balancing the regular life chores with upgrading and expanding your Youtube channel. It was also a very relaxing and stress-free experience before they add the dynamic of paying bills! Again though, such is life. You have to become wiser about how much money you spend compared to how much you make or else you will end up in the negatives when the time to pay rent rolls around. It does add a bit of a stress factor, but it also causes you to play smarter and pay more attention to the decisions you make.

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Make up my bed? I can’t even make up my mind about what video to make next!

You are not only confined to the rooms which you reside however. There are events that you can go to where you are able to make new friends, increase your relationships with old ones, and even earn specialty items. I got a GBA and a game for it by completing arcade mini games within a time limit at the gaming convention that my character attended. As I just mentioned there are relationship aspects that the game focuses on as well. You have a phone that you can set up events to go to and invite whoever you want to go with you. You are also prompted by random characters about spending some time to chat with them on the computer, you can choose to accept or deny these requests. You are also able to start a chat with whoever you would like to build a better relationship with at any time.

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This is the gaming convention, I am interested to see what the events for other types of Youtubers would look like.

A big part of the game is the amazing customization, you can customize your character, your room, what you own. It is incredibly fun to just tweak all the little aspects like that and make it entirely your own. There are different clothes, decorations for your place, collectible items, and of course the necessary items you will need to collect for your channel. Mine is video games and consoles. The further you progress the consoles actually go through life cycles also which I thought was an awesome touch. Your PC needs upgrades and customization as well. It helps to progress your channel, but it also makes the computer look cooler which I had a lot of fun doing. You get more views for making videos of games that are trending which I thought was a clever touch. This game is also where I got the idea to write “First Impression” blogs, because it was a video option type. So we have Youtubers Life to thank for these tasty new first looks I will be publishing, magnificent I know.

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That is basically the gist of the game and what I know about it so far. I really enjoyed my two-hour binge with it. I actually started it up thinking, I will see what this game is about for a couple of minutes then go back to Don’t Starve. Next thing I knew it was 2am and I had been playing non stop. Not every game can draw you in like that, so it is definitely a testament to how well the gameplay really works. The developer is U-Play Online an independent team based in Barcelona, Spain. This game was greenlit on Steam and then released into early access. I found their website and it seems like they make a bunch of phone games that look pretty cool for time wasters. I really hope that they put more focus on these Sim type games or releases for other full games on Steam or other platforms. I am a huge fan of simulation games but I will admit it is a niche that you have to be into to be able to appreciate. So I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who plays nothing but FPS or Action games, or who might see games like this as a monotonous grind. For me personally simulation games are always just so relaxing and a great way to kick back and unload the stress of the day or week by getting lost in this little world and customizing your character and space.

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6 thoughts on “Youtubers Life (First Impressions)

  1. Looks interesting. I’ve heard of this before but I was turned off by the Steam Early Access badge of dishonor. Looks pretty polished though, all things considered. Personally I love customization – the fact that you get to unlock things and customize yourself and your room is a neat touch. People love customizing things!

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    1. Yeah dude I almost went on a rant about Early Access when writing this but I decided to reign it in and focus on the game. I will never buy games in Early Access and didn’t find out his one was until doing some light research after playing. I got it in a Simulation Humble Bundle or else I never would have gotten it.

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