What XBOX is doing right


What’s up everybody? I just have had this on my mind lately because Microsoft has obviously been bested this time around by Sony. There is plenty that they as a company are doing right though and I would like to take a moment to go over some of the things they have been doing that I find to be very player friendly. I try to be very non biased in the console wars and give each company their due. There is plenty for every gamer to like in each console and company if we can try to look past the petty differences, which many of you in this gaming community are already so good at. Gaming to the fullest means to play as many fun games on as many different systems and platforms as possible. Where I think we fall into the console bias is when we are not able to afford every system available and we want to express why our choice was the right one and the best available. This is only natural, but that is most definitely not what I am trying to do here with this piece just to be clear. I believe Sony is dominating and will likely continue to for this generation, and don’t forget about Nintendo, always awesome and doing their own thing on the side out of the eye of the mainstream making some of the best games around. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t for them but the Switch is doing great and they will probably always have the handheld market locked the F down. That is quite enough random ranting, let’s get onto the reasons that I believe Microsoft is truly trying to make gaming better for gamers as a whole.

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How many times have you loved a game so much that you just wish you could play it everywhere on anything that it is available on? If you are like me then that has happened plenty of times, but the thing is I can never justify buying the same game in so many different places. I love the developer, I want to contribute, but I also want to be sure that my kids and I have clothes and food as well. Well Microsoft is doing their part to see that you do not have to choose where you play the game that you love. Now sure, I know there are monetary reasons behind everything for a company, there is no easy way to pitch dreams and gamer friendliness to a bunch of Microsoft bigwigs without them wanting to know how the money plays into this. So sure, this idea promotes players having only Microsoft hardware. You got Windows 10? You got XBOX? You are set. I would argue though that they do not have to allow you to play the games on both platforms for that set up to still go very well together, it is an added bonus that many others are lacking. The connectivity between the two is amazing by the way, now that I have my PC going it is really fun to mess with the XBOX app and see how easy the streaming and many other things are between the two. It really just flows effortlessly together. Back to my point though, they don’t have to offer that and I have heard complaints from people about Nintendo saying that they have bought the same Legend of Zelda games a hundred times because there is no system like this or backwards compatibility in place to stop that headache, which brings me to my next point.

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Backwards compatibility is something XBOX does very well. You can play the games that you own from a previous XBOX and with better touched up graphics on the newest generation. I am not sure what happened to the good ol’ pop in any cd from the last console and they work fine, Playstation did this very well with the PS2 & PS3. Whatever happened to that though it seems to be a thing of the past as far as the current lineup is looking. XBOX as far as I am aware though is making the best effort to preserve the old games we love and give us an avenue to play them on our newest systems without having to dust off the old ones to boot it up. It is something that we true gamers always want because when you hear about a good game, it doesn’t matter what generation it is from, if you can get your hands on it you are going to want to check it out. Now I’m not gonna lie I straight up lost my shit when I was watching the E3 presentation and I heard that OG XBOX boot up sound and saw the logo. Not only have they been doing this for gamers and doing a wonderful job, they are now going to double down and give us the classic XBOX games that we know and love. Playstation is doing the subscription service where you can play old games, and I am sure Nintendo still has the virtual console with all of their amazing classics, but none of that beats straight up actual backwards compatibility. Not in my book. So another cool feature that goes hand and hand with this one is the service that Sony offers as well and arguably a better version from different things I have read about it. XBOX Games with Gold.

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I was so in love with this service from the first time I downloaded a free game, who doesn’t love getting free games? So what they offer is a handful of free games every month, both on 360 and One. Ever since the Backwards Compatibility went live for 360 it has always included a 360 game that you can download straight onto your One. I was mindblown by the amount of quality free games you get each month, when I would explain it to friends I would tell them there had to easily be over $1,000 worth of games that you get for the $60 yearly payment or so depending on how you get it each year. They have since began to advertise how much it is and I believe that it was over $700 but still it is an incredible value and is just so much more than you used to get for paying for your yearly console internet connectivity. I am very happy with the games that I get each month and if there are some ones that aren’t so great they are free so it’s really not that big of a deal to me. While we are on the topic of internet connectivity though I would like to round this off and bring it in with my final point which is something gamers have been wanting since online play has become a thing especially when it comes to multiplatform games that you want to play with your friends from a different platform.

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That’s right, we have all been in those shoes of having a game that your friend and you both love but can not play together because they have XBOX and you have Playstation or vica versa. Well some of you might not know, though I am sure many of you do, that XBOX & Playstation have passive aggressively been making public statements back and forth between each other for some time now about making it so that their players could play these games together regardless of which brand they are playing on. One company will bring it up and then another will say “Yeah, sounds good, we would totally do that. We are not some big evil corporation that only cares about money.” et cetera. Well by the looks of it, and I could be totally off base with this please let me know in the comments, Microsoft is taking the first step and putting the ball into Sony’s court to further the negotiations. They took the game that they own which is available on literally any device you can think of (Even Walkmans??) and said you can all play with each other no matter where you own it. That’s right I am talking about Minecraft. Now I love games like Minecraft and I have played my fair share of Minecraft on mobile, but I am definitely not too far into it. I would like to play more in the future but what I am mostly excited for about this is that it could be leading to the utopian idea of us all being able to buy a new game and play together without having to drop $300 to match systems. Two ideas here that I think are huge and that I as a naive little peasant believe that Microsoft could possibly be working towards, are that you should only have to buy a game once, and once you buy that game you should be able to play it with anybody no matter where they own it. Call me crazy but that is my vision and I believe that I am not the only one that has it! Thanks for checking out my ideas and I definitely want to open it up to discussion below, let me know what the other companies are doing right, tell me how stupid I am and how off base my nut job claims are, let it all fly. It has been a pleasure gushing about something that has been heavy on my mind of late.


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