Recent Pick Ups Spooktacular!

Well there admittedly isn’t all that much in the realm of horror and spookiness, but it is almost Halloween and one of my favorite items falls into that category so why not? It’s a Spooktacular! I had a couple of disappointments that I put some time into, but both of which were just stumbled across at work and I was given for free so no harm done. Let’s get into those first before the good stuff.



As you can see here I found a PS3 in pretty bad shape but what I thought might be salvageable. It still might be possibly but what you can’t see in these pictures is that this one has the Yellow Light of Death which can be a pretty tricky fix. I did manage to get it all cleaned up and the power was working fine which is cool but not useful when the thing won’t stay on. I got an extreme amount of dust out of it as you can see by the q tips and cotton balls, and it is always fun to learn how to assemble and disassemble a new console so I don’t consider it a complete loss. The reason I probably won’t pursue fixing this particular unit is because the case is pretty damaged and it is missing quite a few screws on the inside.


Next console fail is the PS2, another great console that was sadly in much more terrible shape than the previously mentioned one. As you can see it has massive water damage on the inside. For some reason the power still turns on but I don’t see the point in trying to save a console that is this far gone, I would much rather just find a good deal on one down the road that is in a little better shape. That leads me to some spur of the moment pick ups that happened before I realized how bad off these two consoles were. Luckily I got good deals on all of them so I don’t feel too bad about having to hang onto them for down the road when I get some working PlayStations.


On the PS2 I added a complete copy of Bully to my collection it has some minor damage to the case but I was very pleased to find that it had the same map/poster and booklet with comic that I remembered from my teenage years. This was a very exciting pick up for me even though I will not be able to play it in the near future. I am hoping that Rockstar is going to go for a Bully 2 next when they complete Red Dead, and if they do I will need to find myself a PS2 on the fly and on the cheap.


On the PS3 side of things Infamous & Infamous 2. The first game in the series was one of my favorites for the system, though I’m fairly sure that I never have played the second game so I look forward to playing through the two of them some day in the future. It was such a amazing and innovative game to me at the time. The super powers you were able to use and the traversal all just worked so flawlessly, and that made it a really fun game.


Onto the pick ups that were not burdened by the failed restoration attempts. I have gotten back into watching wrestling in the recent months which was a childhood obsession of mine. My wife being all too aware of this pre ordered a copy of WWE 2K18 for my birthday and even picked it up for me to start playing early. She is a keeper! That is for sure. I love to create my own character and there is a new mode on this one called Road to Glory that looks pretty exciting.


A while back I added the original gangster of the XBOX family to my collection & I found out that the one that I got works! I also found out that it came with Celebrity Deathmatch which is pretty cool since I had no clue it was in there. Can’t wait to get to playing some Fable! This console can use a good deep cleaning so I will definitely be doing that when I get the time. It probably won’t be too bad but it shouldn’t hurt to crack it open and check it out.


The Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition for XBOX One was such a great deal for the 20$ I got it for. I wanted to be able to play it on the TV and my choice was between a digital copy for 15$ or this beauty for 20$, wasn’t a very hard choice. I like to have a physical copy when I can but it comes with more than just the game and for only 5 more bucks. The map and guide book are beautifully illustated and the guide will actually come in very useful because it contains information such as the gift giving guide that I would always have pulled up in the Steam overlay while playing. Also the soundtrack is so perfect, one of the main contributing factors that makes the game just so dang relaxing. I can personally attest to the fact that it invokes the same kind of calming experience when driving home after a long day of work, or as background noise when riding with someone around town.


Now for my last pick up and something I have been wanting to have for a good while now. This is a reproduction of Splatterhouse & Splatterhouse 2 by Mr. Wizard, I first saw one when Radical Reggie and Metal Jesus did a pick ups video on YouTube and I freaking loved it and thought it was so awesome. The problem is that he only does a very limited amount each time he makes some and I feared that he would never make the same ones again. To my surprise I checked Instagram recently to see that he had made another batch of them and they were ready right at that very moment to be claimed! I was overjoyed and couldn’t help but put in my order to get my very own. Just in time for Halloween and my Bday I was able to grab this spooky little masterpiece! Can’t wait to see how the gameplay is, but I really mainly wanted it as a cool showpiece for my collection so even if they aren’t my favorite games I will still be very pleased with my bloody cartridge and custom case. Time to bust out the Genesis and get to slashin!

TL;DR: I got some stuffs!


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4 thoughts on “Recent Pick Ups Spooktacular!

  1. Bully (or Canis Canem Edit as it was inexplicably called over here for the PS2 version, then changed back to Bully for subsequent releases because apparently someone finally remembered no-one speaks Latin any more) is such a friggin’ great game. Only Rockstar game I feel like I’ve genuinely absolutely adored rather than just sort of begrudgingly respected. I really hope we get a sequel that lives up to the original someday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I really loved how you got to play through the different seasons and holidays. They really nail the school aged trouble maker vibe and there weren’t so many memorable parts and areas. I will be very excited if they officially announce the sequel.


  2. Your photo of the pile of grungy Q-tips is something I totally feel and know. I’m sorry your Playstation 2 project didn’t pan out for you.

    Also, you got a lot of really cool stuff here. I’ve heard of Splatterhouse before, but I don’t actually know anything about it. I might have to see what it’s all about one of these days now that Halloween has passed us by. I’m late to the party, as always!

    That Stardew Valley game in hard copy form looks phenomenal. I love maps and game art, and there’s plenty of it there. Ever neat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually got out the Genesis to try the Splatterhouse games the other week and really enjoyed it. I liked 3 the best it was more like that beat em’ up style where you can walk all across the screen while 2 was just left to right from what I played.

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