Project MALLOW

Season’s greetings from Paragon Confections!

Ok guys I give up!! I am not going to be able to finish this game in any kind of reasonable amount of time to write up a review. I still hope to finish it when I am able but this game is super difficult and it is taking me forever to progress. This was my first ever review copy kindly given to me by the developers straight out of my hometown Aggressive Combustion, and I was very impressed by the hard work on level design by the co-developers. I have also seen video and pics from levels that look very impressive that I haven’t even made it to yet. Hopefully I will make it through to see those for myself but man do I suck at this game. Every time I thought I was getting the hang of it I would hit a snag and take forever just to pass one level.


Anyways, enough complaining about how bad I suck at video games, let’s get to the meat of this very entertaining and innovative game. I would like to mention that it is available on many different platforms and I think the mobile version would be a fantastic way to play. The platform my copy was for was Steam so that is where I did all of my playing besides a little bit on the iOS version just to check it out. The game is like a mash up between Angry Birds and Super Meat Boy, and it definitely draws inspiration from the difficulty of Super Meat Boy. Also check out my Let’s Play on my YouTube channel, which should have more installments added in the future. Project MALLOW Let’s Plays! Also be sure to check out my Facebook and Instagram pages where I have plenty of awesome screenshots from the game.

So it derives more than just it’s difficulty from Super Meat Boy, the art style has a likeness to Mr. McMillen’s game as well. The part that you could attribute to Angry Birds inspiration is the way that you get your little marshmallow fella around. You point and click in the direction that you want to shoot him towards and he sticks to solid platforms. You have to hold your click down to determine how far he will go and this is what makes it resemble Angry Birds in a way although the overall mechanic is quite different. The story is secondary to the intriguing and quite addicting gameplay but you are journeying through a candy factory called Paragon Confections. You uncover tapes that play recordings of a seemingly unhinged worker or owner of sorts from the company. It is apparent that the guys at Aggressive Combustion have a great sense of humor because a few of these really cracked me up.

Super MALLOW Boy!!

I have not noticed all that many problems with the game, I feel like maybe the background in some of the levels left a bit to be desired, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. Another feature that I have had a lot of fun with so far is the customization of your character, Mallow. I have settled lately on a blue marshmallow with a wizards hat and some angry eyebrows. You collect more items that you can use to change Mallow’s appearance during the levels. They got the monocle, the mustaches, beards, you name it. It’s a lot of fun to get your little marshmallow bud all decked out and ready for the next area.

I mustache you a question…

There are a few different tasks that you can complete while in a level. This includes collecting the star, completing the level under a certain amount of time, or in a certain amount of jumps, and of course just completing the level itself. Each of these tasks gives you a star that you need to move on to the next section. There are 4 stars available for each level and by the time you reach the end of that section you will need to have collected enough to move on, otherwise it will be time to go back and play some catch up. It is fun to go back and test yourself with these other challenges on levels that you have beaten. You have to be strategic and think of which ones you think you could do faster or with less jumps, and is a great way to challenge yourself. You may beat a level and capture the star but it gives the level new life to go back and attempt it in 10 jumps or under 20 seconds.


The developers are working hard with this game to get it out there and make sure that everything in the game is functioning properly. It is paying off as well because it has been recognized by Yogscast on their top 5 must play games for July. I am familiar with them because of their huge Humble Bundle that benefits charities around this time of year. Here is a Link to the 2017 Yogscast Jingle Jam on Humble, I really recommend you check it out if you have not already. Think of it as an advent calendar but instead of chocolates and crap you get a brand new Steam game every day and on the cheap! Not to mention you help out charities at the same time so it is a win for everybody. They were also given the silver award by Pocket Gamer & have had many other incredible accomplishments since the games launch this year.


It has not all been a high note for the development studio this year though, one of the co-developers was tragically struck by Hurricane Harvey and lost their home and everything in it and had to leave without even the necessities. There was 5 feet of water in their house and luckily everybody made it out alive, but I myself and I’m sure many of you could not even imagine what it would be like to literally lose everything you had worked so hard for and it breaks my heart for them. I mentioned before that I too live in the Houston area and it was a truly devastating scene to see all of these people belongings and furniture just out by the curb waiting to be picked up. Here is the Link to his go fund me they have come close to their goal so if there is anything you are able to do I am sure they appreciate any and all help trying to recover from this disaster.

Thank you as always for taking the time to check out my blog and reading what I have to say about games and whatever else comes to mind. I really appreciate the support and great friendships I have made through it and hope to keep down that same path and continue to grow and improve with your help. Can’t wait to see what awesome gaming stuff everybody is going to be getting for Christmas, I for one went into the wrong closet and saw my present early. I was upset to see it soon because I really love the surprise, but I was definitely not sad by what it was! My wife did real good and got me a Nintendo Switch, I am assuming and hoping it will be Legend Of Zelda but at least that will still be a surprise for Christmas or whenever my break from work starts. Let me know what you are expecting or hoping to get! Would love to hear some of your Christmas gaming stories, past or present. Also give me your best recommendations for the Switch, I am super pumped to get a hold of mine.


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