New book by TWRM!

FREE Ebook special offer this week only! Ask Me Anything event on Saturday!

*Free on Kindle until Friday 7/25/19*

I have got to start out by saying I am super proud of my blogging buddy Moses Norton, A.K.A. The Well-Red Mage, for completing and publishing his brand new book! I’m about halfway through right now and it is an incredible read. It is about a boy names Orasi who is obsessed with the urban legend surrounding a local undertaker that the neighborhood children call the Scissor Man.

Right now is a great time to support Moses by downloading his book on Kindle, because although it is free to you until Friday, they will still be giving him royalties for every download. It really is a great story too, so it is a win-win. You get to support a great up and coming author and you get a great story, why not give it a download?

In the article linked above there is also information about the AMA on The Well-Red Mage subreddit, so log on for the Last Stitch AMA and stay to join the civil discourse about games, movies, books, and all kinds of entertainment. And of course make sure to go and follow on where you can even catch some posts by yours truly as The Midnight Mystic Mage.

I am also under construction on a new Amino Community for TWRM, so go join now and help me grow the community! Amino is an app that allows you to follow a bunch of different communities with things you might be interested in and like to discuss like Video Games, Movies, Books, Harry Potter, Supernatural, anything you are into!

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