Summerslam Predictions

What’s up you guys? We are nearing the weekend of Summerslam, WWE’S biggest event of the summer. I thought that I should make a predictions post and get the chatter started before this weekend’s festivities. Please feel free to let me know your own predictions and what you think about mine below. Keep in mind that I will be making my predictions based off of who I think will win or who I think should win. So that does not necessarily mean that my predictions are who I want to win by any stretch, I will be sure to elaborate below each match on my personal feelings as well as why I made my prediction the way that I did. My predicted winners will be Italicized with a W beside their name.


Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt (W)

These are two guys with incredible potential at this stage of their careers. Both of which have not really been used as well as they could have been. I think Bray has a great thing going on with his Firefly Fun House / The Fiend gimmick even if it does scare the crap out of my kids every time they see it. Yowie Wowie! The main giveaway that it will be Bray to go over and not Finn on this one is that they are not advertising The Demon vs. the Fiend. If that were the case I would be sure of the undefeated demon king going over at Summerslam, but as it stands I don’t think that will be the case.

yowie wowie
Yowie Wowie!!!

There is always the off chance that they could do a surprise demon entrance, but even then Bray has so much momentum right now it would be a shame to squash it. They tried this feud before and it ended with the very strange Sister Abigail character that showed Bray as some kind of cross-dressing old lady in a shawl? Or something of that sort, they didn’t even go through with the match and brought AJ over for a spur of the moment dream match between him and Finn instead.

You wouldn’t hit a lady, would you Finn???

I am unsure of why they took the IC belt off of Finn before this match up also, it would be a great way to out The Friend over, by giving him the belt in his first match. Besides, when they have had it in Balor and Nakamura lately, they just seem to disappear from TV altogether. Pretty confusing why they didn’t swap it between these two instead in my opinion. Hopefully they can keep this story line going moving forward and really develop the horror elements in a proper way. Also, they could tell The Demon to quit doing that weird tongue thing that they undoubtedly told him to start doing, it’s a bit weird.

Don’t mind me, just over here cringing.


ko vs shane

Kevin Owens (W) vs. Shane McMahon

I have got to believe that they would not want to trample on all the hype they are building up behind KO being their next Stone Cold type babyface. I personally prefer both KO and The Miz as heels, but whatever can help to get KO over I am behind. He is a super talented guy who does not look like he could pull off the things that he does. He has always been great with his mic work whether babyface or heel, and he is very worthy of all the good things coming his way as far as I am concerned. I feel like even if they do have Kevin lose there will be some way that they work around it to keep him working. Like Kevin is showing up to the shows even though he is not supposed to be, and I could be down with something like that. They just need to make sure to keep his angle that he is working going, because it has gotten pretty exciting from time to time, especially when he did the “pipe bomb” type promo.

KO Stone cold
Hell Yeah!!


This is another one just like the previous feud that has been played out before. Unlike the Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor feud from before which felt like it was never really able to gain the traction that it should have, the previous feud between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens was one of the best that I can remember in recent memory. Of course back then the roles were reversed, and it was definitely what made me realize that Kevin was one of the most over heels in the company. Nobody could get heat like him and make you hate them as much. When he destroyed Vince McMahon’s decrepit looking self it was one of the greatest moments since I started watching again.

ko vince
That’s a biiiiig splash

Everybody is over Shane taking up so much TV time, its to the point that they are even working it into the story line now. Every year there has to be a Wrestlemania match with Shane, and I get it, he has earned his keep and can hold his own. It is just past his time though, he is getting too old and there are young superstars that could be getting more exposure instead of him running the same old stuff into the ground over and over. When I started to watch again I legitimately could not recognize him until somebody called him Shane, at which point my draw freaking dropped. Time to hang it up Shane, we are all afraid you are going to break your back or something jumping off of those cages at this point.



trish charlotte

Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair (W)

This should be a passing of the torch. Trish was the greatest women’s champion when I was growing up as a wrestling fan, and Charlotte is the greatest who is at it today. That may be arguable but the title reigns and athleticism are hard to argue with. Charlotte is an incredible athlete and while she may not always be the fan favorite, she has proven herself and deserves to be the one benefiting from a passing of the generations like this. I am sure that Trish would not want it any other way either, as most of the old school wrestlers prefer to go out while putting someone over.

kurt baron
Just ask Kurt Angle

I think Charlotte is a better babyface than a heel, she just had very bad luck in being put up against Becky Lynch who is undoubtedly the most over female wrestler in the company. They wanted us to boo Becky and we collectively refused, at the same time they wanted us to cheer Charlotte so we booed her just to stick it to them. If they can work her back to babyface in the future I think that it comes more naturally to her, but of course that is always up for debate.

tea time
Those were the days my friend

So hopefully, and I think most likely, we will be seeing a good old fashioned case of, “To be the woman, you gotta beat the woman.” WOOOOOOO!!!!

charlotte trish
Puppies J.R.!!!



Aj Ricochet

~ United States Championship ~

AJ Styles vs. Ricochet (W)


I gotta get one thing straight right off the bat. AJ Styles is the best in the company, and the best in the business. That is my opinion and I just want to make that clear before moving forward. The reason that I decided to get back into watching wrestling was because I heard that Styles was not only in WWE, but that he was the main champion at the time which was probably around the days of the bullet club “beating up John Cena”.

bullet club
The Face That Runs the Place

I had not been watching wrestling for years and years, but hearing about AJ being at the top of the largest wrestling business was enough to pique my interest and eventually to get me back into watching weekly. I was a fan of AJ back when he was in TNA and still remember having a wallpaper of him on the background of a crappy old computer I had that ran Windows 98, long after it should have been mind you. I also signed up for the TNA street team and still have one of my old flyers from those days in my man cave. I was too young to afford pay per views so I was limited in what I could watch, but I knew that there was something special about that guy.


All that being said, I believe this can all work out in a great way while putting Ricochet over as the face that defies the odds and gets one over on the club while getting his belt back, and at the same time freeing AJ back up to get to the main event where he belongs. It will also be like a sort of nod from the past generation to the next generation while not quite leaving the past behind yet. AJ has already said that this will be his last contract and they need to make sure and use him and the rest of the bullet club properly while they still can. I personally want to see Balor with a heel turn come to join and have the 4 dominate the entire scene of WWE while they still have the time to.

Kind of like this, but with one more person, and one more belt.



bayley ember

~ Smackdown Women’s Championship ~

Bayley (W) vs. Ember Moon

This is a strange match up that I do not feel like there is much hype for. I think they are just trying to give Ember some credibility by giving her a shot here even though Bayley will most likely come out on top. I am a fan of Ember but I do not feel like they are really using her like they should be. As the “War Goddess” she should be full of fire and intense in her backstage promos and possibly even a heel turn would be a good thing for her with that character. Something that will make her personality darker to match her entrance and aura that she gives off.

This does not look like someone who should be having their Nintendo broken backstage.

That being said I am really not sold on Bayley as the champ. I like Bayley and I am happy that she is having a run with the title, but it feels like they ditched her hugger gimmick in exchange for… no gimmick. She was getting blown out of the water by Alexa Bliss on the promos in Moment of Bliss and then they just kind of tossed Alexa into the tag team title thing with Nkki Cross.

pWneD on the mic

So honestly I would prefer for Ember Moon to win this match, she is from my home state and came up through Reality of Wrestling which is right on the other side of town from me. I will be rooting for the Dallas girl with the badass flippy stunner without a doubt, I just do not see that as the direction that they will be taking.

She needs to stop doing the tongue thing also, WWE stop making them do weird tongue things!



Becky Natalya

~ Raw Women’s Championship ~

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya (W)

This is a tough one. I have got to go with Natalya taking the belt in her home country of Canada with the Sharpshooter, how could the crowd not go insane for that? It is a moment that Natalya deserves and she still has another title run left in her but they will not get a better opportunity than this to let her have one. Even if Becky ends up getting the belt back, the moment Natalya and the Canadian fans would have would be so worth it.

A Hart winning with the Sharpshooter in Canada, it doesn’t get more Canadian than that!

Of course they can go with the hot hand and leave the belt around Becky who is maybe the hottest wrestler in the company overall, but I feel like they will be missing out on a really special opportunity if they do. It isn’t every pay per view that you have a chance to do something that memorable for a crowd.

It would be like the opposite of this!

It is a submission match, so the ending will undoubtedly be someone tapping… In fact it could actually end up just like the screwjob if Becky decides to bust out a Sharpshooter. Let’s just bank on the hope of WWE having a shred of decency in them.

Or not….


goldberg dolph

Goldberg (W) vs. Dolph Ziggler

lol…. Ok. I guess I will talk about this one. So we are not stupid, we all know what this is. Goldberg fell flat on his face in his match against the Undertaker in Saudi Arabia. They are going to let him redeem himself and run through Dolph Ziggler with a Spear and a Jackhammer. The fact that Goldberg and The Undertaker are still wrestling is more than a bit strange. Undertake had Cena job to him at Wrestlemania because he had just broken his freaking hip… That says it all… Literally.

We feel the saaaame way

Both of these guys had story book endings to their careers that were wrapped all neat with a bow on top, and they came back and took a huge prune filled geriatric crap on it. I don’t see any bright side to the situation. I definitely understand that they did have to do this match though, because Goldberg was a hot mess in Jeddah.




kofi randy

~ WWE Championship ~

Kofi Kingston (W) vs. Randy Orton

I have been wanting to see Randy get the belt back on him for a while now, but I just don’t feel like this is the time that it is going to happen. I think that the plan is to get the belt onto Roman eventually, and I think it will have to be someone who the fans dislike a bit more than Randy to take it from Kofi in order to make that transition. Randy is a great heel, but the fans love him too much for them to risk having the fans turn on Roman again. It will need to be someone that everybody will be glad to see the belt taken back off of in a hurry.

There we go

So obviously, I will be happy to see Randy come away with this one if he pulls it off, but as for my prediction I will have to go with Kofi, baaaaaaabyyyyyyyyy.

It’s the power of Unicorns, and it’s very real



brock rollins

~ Universal Championship ~

Brock Lesnar (W) vs. Seth Rollins

For the title of champion of the entire Universe, which has got to be the most 3 year old sounding title name ever thought of,ย  I am going with the Beast. They chose to do the match again, I do not see them letting Rollins squeak by with another win. I think this will be a decisive victory for Brock Lesnar and they will leave no doubt that he is the top guy for the company at this very moment. At least as far as the way that they are pushing him, I am not a huge fan of Lesnar and there are times that he definitely gets on my nerves, but after that epic scene on Raw where he was just brutalizing Rollins I am all for it. Let them unleash the Beast Incarnate on his next victim, and hopefully they will continue with segments like that in the future. It sure is great when he actually shows up to Raw.

lesnar rollins raw
Aaaaand cue blood pill



Thanks for reading, and I plan to do a results post this Sunday. Stay tuned if you like what you read and be sure to let me know your feedback and predictions of your own. I might even keep count of the ones that I got wrong and right on the results post, post yours as well so that you can play along and do the same!

12 thoughts on “Summerslam Predictions

  1. Very nice write-up, and I feel a bit more hyped for Summerslam than I did before!
    (I’m a UK-based fan who doesn’t watch Raw or Smackdown… ever, just the PPVs, so I sometimes need a bit of prompting to get excited about what’s developed and what matches are going on.)
    My own predictions would be…
    Finn does come out as the Demon, still loses to the Fiend. (If they really want to push Bray hard.)
    Shane over Kevin on some BS technicality.
    Charlotte over Trish in a ten-minute or so match that makes both look great but protects Trish from having to do too much. I predict one or two botches, but I think both will be keen enough to put on a good show that it’ll be mostly smooth. (And we know Trish stays in good ring shape.)
    AJ to retain over Ricochet.
    Bayley to retain over Ember, then Ember to crack and turn heel.
    Becky to retain over Natalya… or they do what they did every month with Charlotte and Sasha a while ago and have Natalya get the PPV win but Becky then reclaims it, like, on the very next night.
    Ziggler to beat Goldberg clean after Goldberg puts up enough of a decent fight to prove that he is at least better than what he and Taker did in Jeddah. Goldberg to then finally be out for good.
    Kofi to retain, just because I absolutely adore the New Day and cannot possibly bet against them.
    Brock to beat Seth, but Seth to push him hard. I love matches where Brock actually sells, and I’m hopeful that they will go down that route here. Then probably Roman to come out and stare Brock down afterwards.
    I’m not saying this is a challenge or nothin’, but let’s see whose predictions were more accurate after Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice! I love the challenge, will definitely make it more interesting to watch. I couldn’t agree more about the Ember heel turn, I think that is the best possible option. Actually, now that you mention it, it totally seems like they have been building up to that for a while now with her getting bullied back stage and all of that. Could be an epic turn. Finn coming out as the Demon and putting over the Fiend would also be incredibly epic, and the Demon is certainly prone to making surprise appearances at Summerslam. If they go that angle they could lead it into the Balor heel turn and joining up with the bullet club for protection or something along those lines. Would love if they finally put the four of them together at once. We will come back to this after Sunday and do the tallies, best of luck!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can see the Club, or whatever slight variation they’re called these days, reforming pretty soon. If the Wyatt family were still together I think Club vs Wyatts could have been money (put over the Club same way that the Shield and and the Wyatts made each other a big deal), but… well, Rowan’s an ecowarrior now and RIP Luke Harper. Also, whatever Strowman’s up to.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah that would be an amazing feud. Wyatt has been one of my favorite characters since I started watching again. Sadly I missed the entire Wyatt Family angle and have only seen glimpses of it that I have caught on the network. I would love to see them join forces again one day. They really destroyed Braun Strowman’s momentum. He was really rolling to the point that I felt like he deserved to topple Lesnar and get a world title reign in. Samoa Joe is another that just seems like he could have done more with how over he is with fans and the momentum he has had at various times. Oh well, never know what the future holds for those guys.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Haha, I just checked and you totally beat me! You got 6/9 compared to my 5/9, well-called sir! The Fiend was freaking awesome, can’t wait to see how they move forward with that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wait, I think we might have tied actually. The double count out messed me up. Did you pick kofi to win?


      2. Yeah I marked it as wring for myself but then right for you because this morning I forgot about the double count out. So we both tied at either 5/9 or 6/9 depending on how you look at it XD, nice

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I chose kofi to win but counted it as wrong since it was a double count-out. So maybe we tied, lol depending on how you look at that strange finish


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