SummerSlam Results {2019}

Whats up wrestling fans? It is time for the biggest pro wrestling event of the summer, WWE’s SummerSlam. I have been feeling particularly hyped up for this one due to my SummerSlam Predictions post which was a first for me. I started my wrestling blogging with the Raw Reunion post that I did and have been enjoying getting to share my thoughts on the topic with you guys. Since the timing worked out well I will be starting this results post with the kickoff show.

I got the chance to check out some of the WWE Chronicle for Seth Rollins before the show and I have got to say, it has me a bit wary of my pick of Brock Lesnar, but it could also be set up that way to create more disbelief when Brock snuffs out what is supposed to be Rollins winning against all odds.. I was wondering while watching also, was that Chronicle done in kayfabe or does Rollins really feel so strongly about Brock that he wanted to grind it in on the show? Seemed pretty kayfabe to me personally, would like to hear you guys thoughts on that.

AKA Rollins talking about stomping Lesnar’s stooopid face

I am pretty interested to see what ‘The Fiend” Bray Wyatt will enter like, if it will just be the same fireflies and lantern or if there is something special planned for it. As I am writing this all four Bullet Club members are on the same screen for the first time that I can remember. I think this is the best angle they can go with in WWE today, I have talked about it for a bit before and this is definitely a welcome sign of things to come. For those who missed it, the “OC” came up to Balor and offered him help with his match against Wyatt tonight although they got no direct answer.

And it will be 2sweeeeet

I will keep track of my predictions that were right or wrong and tally up my percentage at the end.



Kickoff Show

gulak orcan

Cruiserweight Championship

Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan

I actually did not predict this match so will not have any results as far as my predictions go. I saw when Gulak won the title but the last I remember of him before that was when he was part of Enzo Amore’s posse and was telling all of the high fliers that it was the “no fly zone” and would do his best to keep them grounded and from doing their high flying moves. I thought that was a pretty funny gimmick for a cruiserweight and it seems that it worked out for him, I just do not really watch 205 live so have not gotten to see his rise. In this one Gulak retained by hitting his finisher which is a revers death valley driver into a neckbreaker, definitely a sweet finisher. I have used it on a video game or two as my characters move before. Pretty good match, not one of the best 205 live matches that I have seen before a pay per view by any stretch though.

Result: Drew Gulak Victory


apollo buddy

Apollo Crews vs. Buddy Murphy

This is another one that I did not have a prediction for, and I think it may not have been advertised before the event. This could Rowan came out to silence the “snitch” Buddy Murphy after the match had been going for a while. For a second I did not understand what was happening at all, but obviously they will be using it to advance the angle with Roman Reigns. At first I forgot about Murphy being involved with that and was wondering what the heck Rowan’s large self was doing out there. Daniel Bryan was watching from a backstage monitor and the segment ended with Rowan destroying Murphy and leaving him lying for opening his mouth.

Result: Buddy Murphy Wins by DQ

Snitches get stitches?!?!?!



Walk With Elias

So this started with a song from Elias that was pretty good. He had a great line about Leonard leaving Toronto to go to LA. He was interrupted tough by “You think you know me” Edge came out and immediately got my attention when I had previously been a bit tuned out. We even got a spear from the rated R Superstar, does this mean he is in fighting shape? I doubt it, but the spear seems like a risky move to go for with a jacked up neck, especially since he attributes it’s prolonged use to part of his neck troubles.




Women’s Tag Team Championship

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (C) vs. The IIconics

This rematch was also not announced before hand as far as I am aware of, would be a bit strange for them to drop the titles already, but it was a bit strange for them to get them in the first place. possibly this is set up so that they can lose and Bliss can turn on Cross, but we will see how it plays out. Worth noting, Alexa Bliss is wearing a Buzz Lightyear ring get up and Billie Kay came out looking like Malificent… So there is that. Alexa Bliss hit the Twisted Bliss and got the clean pin, I guess they wanted to make them legitimate champs by letting them get a pin on the old champs since they won by beating another team before. This all has to be leading to Bliss stabbing Nikki in the back down the road, it just is a question of when and how.

Result: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Victory



Main Show


Becky Natalya

Raw Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch (C) vs. Natalya

[Submission Match]

They will be starting the night off with a bang as Becky Lynch defends her belt against Natalya. I chose Natalya as the winner for this one, but with it starting the night off I am definitely having my doubts about that prediction now. Let’s see how the match goes and if I have to eat those words. Remember, this is a submission match, so it will be a battle of the Sharpshooter vs. the DisArm Her. This is a very divisive matchup, it seemed that both wrestlers got a mix of boos and cheers, although it definitely seems that Becky is the more over of the two, just as she is all over the world.

I was not aware of this rule in the Submission Match, but apparently rope breaks will be meaningless. So each person will have to fight their way out of the submission rather than making their way to the ropes. Natalya used the no rope breaks to her advantage to lock in a Sharpshooter with Becky hanging through the middle rope in the corner. A very vicious looking move and great way to make use of the no rope breaks rule.

Becky was able to catch Natalya with a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, and was actually met with a loud “Awwww” when Nattie was able to roll out. Seems that I couldn’t have been more wrong about thinking the fans would want to see Natalya win just because it was in Canada! Natalya then got Becky in the DisArm Her which did not work out. Something that is strange about them using each others move. If it did work, it would also prove that the other persons move was superior. does not seem like it will be the finish though.

The finish goes to Becky with the DisArm Her with a mixed reaction from the crowd, I definitely do not feel like it would have been quite the moment that I was expecting if Natalya would have won after seeing the crowds reactions throughout the match. Not a good start to the night for my predictions, that is 1 down and 1 in the wrong column.

Result: Becky Lynch Victory

My Prediction = Natalya


goldberg dolph

Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler

This is a good match for them to put early, I don’t expect much from it personally. My prediction for this match was Goldberg and I feel confident with that one. I think it is possible that they will give them both a bit of a longer time to go so that they can let Goldberg show that he actually does still have it rather than just having a quick squash match, which would not show that today in the age of post kayfabe. I think their best way to go with this is give them both a great match and then go ahead and let Goldberg win so that he looks good after that awful match in Saudi Arabia.

My initial feeling was that they would let him come out and hit the Spear, the Jackhammer, the pin, and then get out of there to avoid anything going wrong. After getting closer to the match though, I feel like that would not really do either party justice, and a longer match would benefit the both of them. Lets see how the man who made a million dollars for one match, one terrible, terrible match, fairs in his next time in the ring. I am assuming he will not be making quite as much this go around.

The fans showed plenty of respect for the legend, doing the Goldberg chant from the beginning of his entrance as well as during the beginning of the match. It appeared that we might have a reverse quick end to the match than what everyone expected with Ziggler hitting 2 quick superkicks and attempting the pins. After that though it does appear we will have the quick finish that most people did expect, as Goldberg hit him with the Spear, the Jackhammer, and they don’t get up from that.

This is fair enough. You protect Goldberg from hurting his old self, you let the fans get to see the legend, and both wrestlers get a little something in there. Goldberg wins and hopefully him and Taker will stay away from the ring for a while or permanently. Dolph called Goldberg back to the ring and took another Spear, for really no reason other than to get another Spear in I guess. That will wrap this one up.

Ok, so Dolph called Goldberg back out again for some reason. Make that another Spear for good measure. He broke him in half with that one.

Result: Goldberg Victory

My Prediction = Goldberg


Aj Ricochet

United States Championship

AJ Styles (C) vs. Ricochet

I got Ricochet in this match to win because I want bigger and better things for AJ and the Club. I also do not see why they would put him in a rematch just to lose at this point, no point in burying the very impressive new star. I think an AJ loss here will ultimately be the best thing for both parties. If he does though that would make Rollins the more logical person to win the title tonight so that it would be the heel faction versus the face for the belt when AJ went for it, oh man I am getting way ahead of myself.

The Club will be at ringside for AJ tonight, so we will see how they come into play. This is always a dream match every time they do it. Ricochet did a pretty innovative move early on where he stepped on the shoulder of Anderson, then Gallows, launching himself into a hurricanrana on AJ. AJ has been going for the knee a lot early, which could mean that he is planning to go for the calf crusher later in the match.

Ricochet just did a springboard with one foot, which is pretty freakin’ amazing. I am assuming he is faking the injury which is a great way to show off that crazy athletic feat. The Miz botched one recently with both legs, so to see him do it with one is pretty cool. This has been an incredibly entertaining match thus far, just as it has been every time they have done it. These two definitely have the ability to steal the show hear in the early part of the night.

Make that 2 wrong predictions thus far, as Ricochet went for the Whisper in the Wind and then was spectacularly caught by AJ in the air and hit with the Styles Clash. I can’t complain. having these three covered in gold is as good a thing as WWE can do right now. They need to stick with that and run with it. They are a great faction and can do great things. After Gallows & Anderson hit the Magic Killer on Ricochet after the match Cole had a pretty good line, “Nothing sweet about that”. 2sweet \m/

On the bright side, AJ not going for the Universal right away does play more into my prediction for Lesnar vs. Rollins. So there is still hope for that one! Lets see how the rest of my picks do, I’ll be on the edge of my seat. I would also like to mention that I can’t be unhappy about AJ keeping his belt, he is a long time favorite of mine so they can keep him champ as long as they want as far as I’m concerned.

Result: AJ Styles Victory

My Prediction = Ricochet


bayley ember

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Bayley (C) vs. Ember Moon

Alright this is another match where I picked against what I would like to see. I believe they will leave the belt on Bayley although I would love to see Ember win. I have got to agree with Chris from OverthinkerY/The Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage that this would be a perfect time for an Ember Moon heel turn post match.

I think honestly that if it does lead to a heel turn for Ember that I would prefer that ending anyway. She would do much better at being an intense and dark heel. The way that they have her cut promos in the back just seems way to “Gosh, Golly guys!” to fit her persona that she gives off during her entrance and at other times.

Bayley was able to catch Ember while she was going up for the Eclipse otherwise known as that awesome top rope flippy stunner thing, and caught her with a top rope Bayley to Belly suplex. Now I got the popcorn out and let’s see if we get a show of respect with a heel turn after or anything along those lines.

Cut to commercial???? No!!! This injustice will not stand man, no heel turn for Ember, and that is bull crap. Maybe it will lead to a darker persona for her somehow anyway, it really should because just like when Ronda turned heel it would really do her a world of good. Ronda was pretty cringey even after that though, Ronda is just super cringe.

Result: Bayley Victory

My Prediction = Bayley


ko vs shane

If Kevin loses, he has to quit

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon

Kevin Owens is a really great all around wrestler. He does not have the physique that you expect from one, but that makes what he does in the ring even more impressive honestly. He has always been one of the top mic guys since I began watching again. Let’s hope this is the last time we have to hear this best in the world shtick, I wouldn’t think it likely though. My choice here is Kevin Owens but I could also see them going with Shane winning and Kevin having to go around the rules to get onto TV and into the shows. We will see which way they go.

His new Stone Cold like gimmick is pretty great. I have always loved him as a heel, I didn’t really like when they tried to do that last face turn that was very short lived, but this new face turn that has him as a total badass works for him and I think he has been rocking it lately. He has got to be able to yell and scream no matter how they use him, so the chill face style will never work out best for him in my opinion.

I smell some hijinx already, Shane has  started it out with Elias as the special guest referee so it is looking more like Shane will be winning and causing Kevin to “break in” to the events and go around security. Elias is acting more like a person in Shane’s corner with a regular ref inside thus far, he is also wearing a referee shirt though which is pretty weird. I am assuming he will swap out with the real ref as soon as KO has the match almost won.

KO was able to hit the Pop Up Powerbomb which was  welcome thing to see, been a while since I’ve seen him use it since he started using the Stunner. Of course, this lead to Elias distracting the reg so that Kevin couldn’t get the three count. Elias then threw in a chair to tempt Kevin but he didn’t fall for the bait. Kevin was then able to hit a Swanton Bomb followed by a huge Frog Splash. Elias pulled the ref out of the ring however so no pinfall there either.

Kevin was able to destroy Elias with a chair outside, and then deliver a huge kick to the nuts on Shane while the ref was distracted and then hit the Stunner for the win. That is another green prediction for me and let’s hope it will take Shane off of TV for the while, great match with a huge reaction from the crowd.

Result: Kevin Owens Victory

My Prediction = Kevin Owens


trish charlotte

Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair

I think Charlotte should win this one, I am not sure which direction they are going to go but I just don’t see any benefit of Trish winning besides that she is a hometown hero. We will see how it goes, this one is up next. Trish is looking pretty good with her ring work, the fans gave her a loud “You still got it” chant at one point early on.

My wife came in to watch during this match and had to mention how both women had fake boobs, so this will from her forward be known as the battle of the fake boobs.. at least on this corner of the internet.

Trish was winning big early on but the tides turned later in the match and Charlotte has been dominating. Charlotte and Becky are the top 2 female performers in the company, although I would personally put Bliss right up there with them, and this is a great opportunity to have a passing of the torch from Trish to Charlotte. Trish hit a pretty impressive top rope Hurricanrana at one point even though it looked like she was about to get hit with a huge Powerbomb.

Trish was able to lock in the Figure 4 and then even turned it into a Figure 8. It wasn’t good enough for the win however. Even after Trish was able to hit the Stratusfaction she was not able to get the win, but how cool was it to see that move after all these years. She even hit the Chick Kick after that and was not able to keep Charlotte down for the 3.

After all of that Charlotte was able to bridge into the Figure 8 and defeat Trish. I think this match played out perfectly. It was a nice long match that made both women look great and ended with a passing of the torch from one generation to the next. Afterwards they let Trish get in her moment with the crowd after they cheered her valiant effort.

Result: Charlotte Flair Victory

My Prediction = Charlotte Flair


kofi randy

WWE Championship

Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Randy Orton

I have been wanting to see the belt back around the waist of Orton for a while now. I do not think this is the storyline that will end with that happening though. Kofi was my pick for this match and I still feel pretty confident in that one. Randy will have more title reigns in the future, but I want to see a feud with more depth than what is going on in this one.

I get that they were able to dig up stuff from what happened a long time ago between these two guys, but I don’t feel like that was enough to make a meaningful feud for this match. That being said I am definitely expecting it to be a good one and I am ready to see how it unfolds.

Speaking of factions that look good covered in gold, The New Day are work horses and have been putting on the best tag team matches with people like the Usos and the Bar for years now so they are very deserving of having titles on each of the three members.

To start the match off Randy hilariously tried to offer Kofi one of the pancakes that the group had thrown during their entrance. Great mind games by Randy. The fans actually started dueling chants of Kofi’s Stupid / Randy Sucks, pretty funny set of dueling chants in my opinion.

RKO out of nowhere was hit while Kofi leaped high into the air from the top rope. Both wrestlers were too exhausted and Kofi made it out before Randy could get the cover. This one ended in a double count out, Randy was rubbing it in the face of Kofi’s family at ringside and then Kofi came unglued on him. He actually beat him so bad with a singapore cane that the crowd booed him after he finished. Definitely not the ending that I expected.

Result: Double Count Out

My Prediction = Kofi Kingston



Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

This is a match that I have really been looking forward to. Especially now that I know how late in the night it is going to be, I have very high expectations for it. Finn will in fact make his entrance as Finn Balor and not the Demon, so I think my pick of Bray Wyatt as the Fiend is a pretty sure thing to win tonight. I can only hope that this leads to Finn questioning himself later this week and joining up with the rest of the club.

Here come another moment I have been waiting to see, how The Fiend will enter. First there are the chants of Yowie Wowie, followed by the Firefly Fun House theme song. Bray has a new heavy metal-ish theme song and a new lantern that has his face as a dead head on top of it. Definitely a very freaky entrance to be sure. I am loving his new persona and I hope they do all they can to push this new era of Wyatt.

The fans began chanting holy shit after Bray’s entrance and those creepy red and orange eyes look ready to destroy. Early in the match it is a dominate performance from The Fiend. After months of Firefly Fun House being the most entertaining segment on Raw, Bray deserves to be put over. Finn began to fight back and even went for the Coup De Gras but was caught with a Mandible Claw by Bray.

He used this to put Finn out and then turned that into a pin. I have to agree with the fans, Holy Shit. That was such an incredible mood set by Bray and I can not wait to see how they use this eerie new character in the future.

Result: Bray Wyatt Victory

My Prediction = Bray Wyatt


brock rollins

Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar (C) vs. Seth Rollins

Ok now for the main event of the evening. this one has a ton of hype and a ton of build up. The question is, after all this time, do they let Seth come out on top? I don’t think they will, all the signs that they are showing us point to the fact that Seth will win, but that is part of what makes me think they will go for the shock victory by Brock that we have seen so many times before. The Beast Incarnate putting our hero down once again, as he always does.

Lets see how it unfolds, this is definitely an interesting one and they have done a great job building it up for all of this time. Wait just a tick, did I just see pyro? Yes please. I hope that they will bring pyro back on a normal basis, I’m sure it is just because it is SummerSlam, would love to see it more normally though, especially while at an event live.

Seth is battered and covered in tape at the ribs, and Lesnar is introduced is by the Advocate as the reigning, defending, Universal Heavyweight Champion. Sounds familiar, and sounds like something we will be hearing for quite some time, yet again. Lets see though, only one way to find out.

Rollins hit a Curb Stomp early but Brock kicked out. Rollins was about to hit another Curb Stomp but Lesnar caught him and hit the F-5. Lesnar continued dealing punishment to Rollins after that, German Suplexes, even tossing him around by holding the tape on his ribs. After a short fight back by Rollins Lesnar welcomed him to Suplex City, tossing him clear across the ring each time.

Rollins won! I don’t believe it, I know they totally telegraphed it for a long time but I just didn’t think that they would follow through. I am very happy that I was wrong about this, Rollins is on top and they will be moving forward with him as champ. I wonder what the future holds for Brock.

Result: Seth Rollins Victory

My Prediction = Brock Lesnar


All in all that was a great pay per view, and I felt like it had a ton of high points. The Fiend was probably my personal favorite, but there were moments of greatness all throughout. AEW has seemingly really caused WWE to step their game up, and that is a good thing for everybody.


Final Score for Predictions

4 Wrong

5 Right

56% Correct

At least I got more right than wrong, not too bad for my first try. Thanks for reading everybody! have a great week.



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