Flash Fiction

The Hive (@The_Hive13 on Twitter) is holding submissions for their anthology of flash fiction or micro stories. Each story has to be 100 words and they give some type of prompt for each wave of submissions. If you are interested then be sure to go and check them out, they are also on Facebook ( https://m.facebook.com/thehiveofwriters/ ). Otherwise, enjoy my submissions and first attempts at putting some type of story together which such a short word count to work with!

Going Somewhere?

I woke up to the sound of drip, drip, drip. It was coming from the ceiling and the spot that I saw dripping was stained dark red. I grabbed my phone to use as a flashlight and made my way to the attic. What was waiting for me chilled me to the bone and I dropped my phone in a panic. My parents lay in that spot right above my room, butchered. As I turned back to hurry down the ladder, my brother stood there staring up at me with a blank face and a bloody machete. 
“Going somewhere, Ethan?

Restricted Section

I was walking through the horror section of my local library. King, Lovecraft, Poe, but I wanted to read something different. I kept walking and saw a section that I had never noticed before. It was titled “Restricted”. This piqued my interest and I did a double take before sneaking past the barrier. I walked up to one book that was bound in a strange material titled, “Necronomicon”. I have been in the mental hospital ever since, and I know it is because of that blasted book. If you ever see that book you must run in the other direction!

Bride at the Bend

It was the holidays again and I had to make the long journey to visit my parents. It was getting dark and I saw something strange in my headlights. A bride in her full wedding dress was walking on the side of the road right at a bend in the street. I pulled up and offered her a ride due to the peculiar circumstances. She accepted and sat quietly in the back seat. When I reached a rest stop I turned back to see if she would like to stretch her legs but she was gone, vanished into thin air.

Trouble Sleeping

Last night was one of those nights where you can’t stop tossing and turning. I tried closing my eyes and staying perfectly still, tried listening to meditations, nothing was working for hours. I decided to go grab myself a hot tea. I had almost made it to the kitchen when I heard something from the basement. I made my way down the stairs, the light switch was all the way at the bottom of the stairs which I hated. When I turned the light on I was face to face with a man I’ve never seen before. “Trouble sleeping Charles?”

Flash Fiction Part 2

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