Flash Fiction pt. 2


The Hive is about to drop it’s anthology on Friday the 13th! I was able to win a spot with one of my micro tales from the previous post titled “Going Somewhere?”

Make sure to follow along on their Facebook page so that you can get all the news about the upcoming anthology as well as more projects to follow.

These next 3 pieces of Flash Fiction were not winners, but I will post them here for your reading pleasure. If you like what you see be sure to get the anthology to read more stories like it.

The Hospital Hallway

I sat in the hallway at the hospital sobbing uncontrollably into my hands. My dear husband, my highschool sweetheart. Taken from me in an instant. What would I do without him? How could I go on living in this cruel and terrible world. Nothing made sense anymore. A nurse came and sat across from me down the hallway and not really looking in my direction. 

“Back again Abby?” She said.

I paused my wailing and wiped my eyes to look over at her.

“It’s been 20 years since you and your husband passed away here. It’s time to move on.”

Hide from Johnny

I woke up with a splitting headache. It was 3am and I could hardly remember how I’d gotten to sleep.

“What happened?” I asked my wife.

“It’s John, you got drunk and were hitting him again.” She whimpered.

Remorse overtook me as I grabbed Susan and wept into her chest. I loved my Johnny so much.

“Where is he? Where is my little boy?” I asked her miserably.

“He took your gun from the closet. He’s outside.” She responded to my utter dismay.

The next voice came from the screen door.

“Come play with me Daddy, I’ve got something to show you.”


She sat on their bed, it was their anniversary. She was dressed in the same dress from the night that he proposed to her. The bed was covered in rose petals and she held a single Rose in her hand.

He walked in, drunk again. He had obviously forgotten what day it was. 

“Come over darling, I have a video for you.”

He sat and she flicked on the TV. It was him with another woman. Panic overtook him and he turned to her trying to explain.

“Save it.”

A shot fired up and through his skull.

“I hate liars.”

Flash Fiction Part 1

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