Look at Yourself

That pounding headache is back again. I don’t know if it started before the pills or because of the pills at this point. All I know is they are the only thing that can make them go away once they come.

Something strange happened as I was shuffling the lid off of the shoebox under my bed. I felt something caress me. It was gentle and inviting, but that didn’t stop it from scaring the shit out of me all the same.

I tossed the pill bottle towards my closet in shock and poked my head under to see what caused the sensation. There was nothing under there, all I could do was rub my temples and stagger towards the pills. Starting to feel like I’m losing it.

I picked up the bottle and saw something that shook me to the core. Sitting in my closet there was… Me.

This is crazy I know, it makes no sense. I know what I was seeing though. I was tied up with ropes, there was a rag tied right around my mouth, and behind me… Good God, behind me, there was the vilest thing I have ever seen in my life.

There was a monster, or maybe a demon. He was holding onto the me that was tied up and staring straight at me smiling. He was licking his lips and as he started to reach towards me I bolted for the door.

As I made it out of the room I turned down the hallway to go for the front door. When I rounded the corner I tripped over the last of my girlfriend’s things that she never came back for.

I fell hard and my head slammed against a photo that lay there in a frame, breaking the glass. I lifted it up and behind the broken glass and blood from my forehead, there was something strange about the picture.

It was taken on our trip to Disney World. We took the picture in front of the Magic Kingdom, only something about it was all wrong. My face was pale and grey, I was looking off to the side and my eyes were rolled into the back of my head.

I had to get out of this house there was something wrong here. As I reached the front porch in a panic and slammed the door behind me I stopped to breathe for a second and held the bottle up to get out the pills that I needed now more than ever.

The bottle was empty… I dropped it to the floor in a cold realization and raised my head toward the street. My girlfriend was crying by her car uncontrollably, sobbing as she spoke on the phone. Paramedics were unloading a stretcher and rushing towards my house. They ran right past me… They ran as if… As if I wasn’t even there.

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