The Bunker – Available Now!

I forgot to do a post on the blog for release day on the 26th. My first novella is available now, though! I would love to hear what you think of it, so if you do get a copy please give me your honest feedback. I will put the synopsis below as well as the link to Amazon. It is available on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Ebook ($2.99), & Paperback ($6.99).

A young girl named Madison has been trapped in an underground bunker with her 6 sisters for her entire life. She is starting to understand that things are not as peachy as their mother would have it seem.

Their mother confines them under the guise of religious fervor and zeal and would have them believe there is nothing but vile sinners in the outer world. Madison and her favorite sister Abigail will soon find that this is not quite the case and will venture together into the unknown world that awaits them outside the bunker’s surface.

Jacob and Ronald have a dog in this fight as well. The nefarious goings on in the small town of Fern Hollow, Texas have a far reach and they have grabbed them both in a vice grip.

Ronald has felt the crushing oppression of the town when something terrible happened to his young daughter. Jacob is from Fern Hollow but could not be further from the likes of any of its inhabitants.

The extent of the town’s deception runs further than many who live as close as the next town over would be able to believe. If a breath remains among those who have been affected by the tragedies, the fight will continue.

Journey on and see if you can fight through with them and discover all the secrets that are waiting for you in The Bunker.

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