The Bunker (pt. 6)

All three vehicles were loaded with people who were armed and ready for war. Now that we had three experienced drivers on the team, we had each of them driving a different one. Jacob drove the van that he and Ronald found us at the church in, his godfather Andrew drove the truck that Alan … Continue reading The Bunker (pt. 6)

The Bunker (pt. 5)

We pulled up to the first bunker which I recognized as my own. The one that just a short time ago I thought was the only one like it in the world. I had a pretty good grasp on how to make the van stop and slow down at this point. I struggled for a … Continue reading The Bunker (pt. 5)

Flash Fiction pt. 2 The Hive is about to drop it's anthology on Friday the 13th! I was able to win a spot with one of my micro tales from the previous post titled "Going Somewhere?" Make sure to follow along on their Facebook page so that you can get all the news about the upcoming anthology as … Continue reading Flash Fiction pt. 2

The Bunker (pt. 4)

The sheriff grabbed me by the collar after struggling to his feet. His six-shooter was held steadfastly against the small of my back. "Don't try nothin' stupid Ash. I'll put you down right by your old buddy here." He motioned to the body of the man who had been the bane of my existence for … Continue reading The Bunker (pt. 4)

Be Mine

"Alright kids, it is time to go around and pass out all of your valentines to each other. If everybody behaves well, we will be passing out candy from the teachers as soon as you are all finished."  Mrs. Marshall was speaking to all the 5th-grade classes of Tumbleweed Primary School in Tucumcari, Texas. We … Continue reading Be Mine

The Bunker (pt. 3) Listen to the narration by Viidith22 I clicked the lock shut on the Pastor's cage. We threw the body of his partner, Alan, in the cage across from him and locked it for good measure. Abigail was busy unlocking the cages of the other girls who were being held hostage below the church. I … Continue reading The Bunker (pt. 3)

Ghost Stories Listen to the narration by Slumber Reads starting at 41:10 I popped the top off of 3 cold beers and closed the lid to the ice chest. This was my favorite part of every summer. We worked hard all year in school, and it was time for our annual camp-out to begin. It was … Continue reading Ghost Stories

The Bunker (pt. 2) Listen to the narration by Viidith22 I had been walking for so long. I was experiencing exhaustion and hunger like I had never known in my life. I was plagued throughout the entire journey by invasive and overbearing thoughts that consumed me. Was my mother dead or alive? Was she even really my mother, … Continue reading The Bunker (pt. 2)

Flash Fiction

The Hive (@The_Hive13 on Twitter) is holding submissions for their anthology of flash fiction or micro stories. Each story has to be 100 words and they give some type of prompt for each wave of submissions. If you are interested then be sure to go and check them out, they are also on Facebook ( … Continue reading Flash Fiction

The Bunker *{Narration}*

Listen on YouTube now! I am super excited to share with y'all the first narration of one of my stories. I posted "The Bunker" on reddit's r/nosleep subreddit and was reached out to by Viidith22. He then followed through and did this amazing narration and I could not be anymore happy with it. I am … Continue reading The Bunker *{Narration}*