Christmas Eve-il

My parents kept warning me for weeks. Ever since right after Thanksgiving, really. "Santa is coming." They would tell me. It sent shivers down my spine, especially when they told me he would be breaking into our house while I was asleep. What kind of sick people would allow something like that while they had … Continue reading Christmas Eve-il

The Bunker (pt. 1) Listen to the narration by Viidith22 The smell of bacon roused me from my sleep. Mother was so good to us, there was not a single morning that she did not have something hot for us to eat as we awoke. As I lifted myself up in the bed, I felt my hair brush … Continue reading The Bunker (pt. 1)

2069 {A Series} *Part 3* ~Finale~

I was experiencing a bit of sensory overload after the events of the past few days. I needed to take a shower and prepare myself for those events that were still to come. One thing had to be done first and I knew it, no matter how terrible it was going to be. I went … Continue reading 2069 {A Series} *Part 3* ~Finale~

2069 {A Series} *Part 2*

The men in black were surrounding my cabin. A scientist was with them and readying a needle that he likely planned to plunge into my neck. They shouted out a warning. "We have you surrounded Mr. Fredrikson, if you come out with your hands up, we can make this as painless as possible." Shit! This … Continue reading 2069 {A Series} *Part 2*

2069 {A Series} *Part 1*

The final notes of the national anthem rang out through the venue. The location was Bethel, New York. The year was 2069. The centennial celebration had been in the works for years now and each day had gone out of its way to top the last. I just could not get over the fact that … Continue reading 2069 {A Series} *Part 1*

Cassandra (Short Story) Listen to the narration by Spirit Voices on Madame Raven's YouTube channel! "Falling down, falling down, falling down" the incessant sound of my toddler came from the back seat as we made our way to the park. "Cassie, keep it down back there! I can hardly hear myself think." My daughter Cassandra was really … Continue reading Cassandra (Short Story)

Hell in a Cell Results (2019)

Raw Women’s Championship (Hell in a Cell) Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks They started the night off with a bang and had the women's hell in a cell match to kick the night off. I feel like the stage for the night is a lot like the new SmackDown stage but have not double-checked … Continue reading Hell in a Cell Results (2019)

Hell in a Cell Predictions (2019)

What an exciting week it has been for WWE. They moved SmackDown to Friday nights on Fox and kicked it off with a bang last night. It really did feel like a Pay Per View while watching that episode. They had The Rock, Cain Velazquez, Brock Lesnar, it was just star-studded and the new stage … Continue reading Hell in a Cell Predictions (2019)

Doctor Sleep (2013)

What's up, guys? I recently finished reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King which is the sequel to his classic novel, The Shining. I would like to share a brief overview as well as some of my thoughts about the book and hopefully hear from y'all about it also. Doctor Sleep follows Dan Torrance who is … Continue reading Doctor Sleep (2013)