Chasing Demons, Out Now! is the day! Chasing Demons is available on Amazon. Thanks to VT Little for all the amazing artwork and Alien Buddha Press for publishing the book. It is a coming of age story in the vein of It, Stranger Things, or Fear Street. I put a list of comparable books, movies, and shows below … Continue reading Chasing Demons, Out Now!

Chasing Demons (Cover Reveal/Blog)

Today is the day that I was able to reveal the cover to my first full-length novel. I thought it might be a good time to do a bit of reflecting on the process of writing the novel and how that has fueled me to continue writing and pursuing my muse in the future. It … Continue reading Chasing Demons (Cover Reveal/Blog)

The Night’s End Podcast

Listen to my story, Halloween Night, on The Night's End Podcast (@nightsendpodcast) available now! They did a great job with the voice acting and sound effects. Get your spooky story time in for Halloween Weekend. ๏Žƒ๏‘ป๏’€

4th Place (Face of Horror) Thank you so much for all of your support! It was really eye opening to see how many people participated with this and I'm very grateful for everyone who voted for me during my time in the competition. It also helped me realize that a lot of my friends and family knew nothing about … Continue reading 4th Place (Face of Horror)

The Spirit of the Season

Listen to the audio narration of this story on the Library Voices podcast! It was getting late at the library in Fairmont, Texas. Trenton was  done with all of his homework and decided he would look for some books to entertain him for the weekend. He loved a good spooky story and the Library … Continue reading The Spirit of the Season

2069 featured on Horror Hill

My story '2069' is now live in the Horror Hill podcast feed. Erik Peabody did an incredible job on the narration. Check out this tale of the corrupt government cloning program of the future wherever you listen to podcasts.

The Call From The Deep

I held up my boarding pass and walked through the gate. My wife, Harper, was right ahead of me, and we both were so loaded with bags and suitcases that we could barely fit between the doorways. Our 10th anniversary was in a couple of days. We both had come into agreement that there was … Continue reading The Call From The Deep

Halloween Night Listen to the narration on The Night's End Podcast! The portrait of Bob Marley was becoming hazy behind the smoke that was filling the room. I was beginning to zone out when I felt Mario tap me on the shoulder. He held out the bong and the lighter and was blowing huge smoke rings … Continue reading Halloween Night