Horror Tree’s Trembling With Fear

https://horrortree.com/trembling-with-fear-end-of-summer-2022-edition/ I was lucky enough to have one of my stories chosen for the end of summer special over at Horror Tree's Trembling With Fear. There is a lot of great free fiction to check out and reminisce on the joys of summer and summer past while also getting into the spirit of spooky season. … Continue reading Horror Tree’s Trembling With Fear

Top 15 – Face of Horror

https://youtu.be/j5kWAYWoZng Wow, moving on to the next round again. I really appreciate everyone who has been voting. I did not expect to do so well and I really appreciate everyone's support! I wanted to give a little more detail about the charity that the competition is helping to fund.The B+ (Be Positive!) Foundation helps children … Continue reading Top 15 – Face of Horror

Face of Horror Competition

https://faceofhorror.org/2022/chris-kester I entered this competition thinking it was a drawing, lol. If anybody would vote for me I would appreciate it! The prizes are a stay in Buffalo Bills House, a photo shoot with Kane Hodder, 13k dollars, an article in Rue Morgue & a part in an indie horror movie. So it would definitely … Continue reading Face of Horror Competition

2069 {A Series} *Part 2*

The men in black were surrounding my cabin. A scientist was with them and readying a needle that he likely planned to plunge into my neck. They shouted out a warning. "We have you surrounded Mr. Fredrikson, if you come out with your hands up, we can make this as painless as possible." Shit! This … Continue reading 2069 {A Series} *Part 2*

New book by TWRM!

https://nortonliterature.home.blog/2019/07/23/free-ebook-special-offer-this-week-only-ask-me-anything-event-on-saturday/ *Free on Kindle until Friday 7/25/19* I have got to start out by saying I am super proud of my blogging buddy Moses Norton, A.K.A. The Well-Red Mage, for completing and publishing his brand new book! I'm about halfway through right now and it is an incredible read. It is about a boy names … Continue reading New book by TWRM!

Raw Reunion (7/22/19)

What's up everybody? I thought that I might try something different tonight. I have been obsessively watching every Raw, Smackdown, and PPV the WWE has been putting out for the past few years, after falling off watching for quite some time before that. I have tossed around the idea of blogging about Wrestling since it … Continue reading Raw Reunion (7/22/19)