2069 {A Series} *Part 2*

The men in black were surrounding my cabin. A scientist was with them and readying a needle that he likely planned to plunge into my neck. They shouted out a warning. "We have you surrounded Mr. Fredrikson, if you come out with your hands up, we can make this as painless as possible." Shit! This … Continue reading 2069 {A Series} *Part 2*

“The Game Room World Tour – Hub Post”

Check out The Game Room World Tour on The-Well Red Mage featuring game room tours from all over the place including my cringe worthy tour as well, come and throw rotten tomatoes! It is also not too late to submit your own game room tour because this post will be updated throughout the month with … Continue reading “The Game Room World Tour – Hub Post”

New book by TWRM!

https://nortonliterature.home.blog/2019/07/23/free-ebook-special-offer-this-week-only-ask-me-anything-event-on-saturday/ *Free on Kindle until Friday 7/25/19* I have got to start out by saying I am super proud of my blogging buddy Moses Norton, A.K.A. The Well-Red Mage, for completing and publishing his brand new book! I'm about halfway through right now and it is an incredible read. It is about a boy names … Continue reading New book by TWRM!

Raw Reunion (7/22/19)

What's up everybody? I thought that I might try something different tonight. I have been obsessively watching every Raw, Smackdown, and PPV the WWE has been putting out for the past few years, after falling off watching for quite some time before that. I have tossed around the idea of blogging about Wrestling since it … Continue reading Raw Reunion (7/22/19)

Console Challenge Day 17: Top 7 best GameCube games!

The Well-Red Mage has an incredible event going this month in which each day a new console is presented with the top 7 games from that console which were at least at first released exclusively to that console. I had the honor of being entrusted with my favorite console of all time the Nintendo GameCube! … Continue reading Console Challenge Day 17: Top 7 best GameCube games!