Hell in a Cell Results (2019)

Raw Women’s Championship (Hell in a Cell) Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks They started the night off with a bang and had the women's hell in a cell match to kick the night off. I feel like the stage for the night is a lot like the new SmackDown stage but have not double-checked … Continue reading Hell in a Cell Results (2019)

Hell in a Cell Predictions (2019)

What an exciting week it has been for WWE. They moved SmackDown to Friday nights on Fox and kicked it off with a bang last night. It really did feel like a Pay Per View while watching that episode. They had The Rock, Cain Velazquez, Brock Lesnar, it was just star-studded and the new stage … Continue reading Hell in a Cell Predictions (2019)

Clash of Champions Results (2019)

Alright, tonight is the night and the kickoff shoSw is under way. My Fantasy Football team did crap today thanks to Drew Brees going down with an injury, so lets hope my predictions for Clash of Champions have better luck. While watching a bit of Ride Along before the show I thought of another reason … Continue reading Clash of Champions Results (2019)

Clash of Champions Predictions (2019)

Better late than never, lets get in on a bit of this prediction hype for tomorrow's WWE Clash of Champions PPV. I would be happy to hear some of your own predictions below and we can see how good or bad we do after the matches tomorrow night! Cruiserweight Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs. Lince … Continue reading Clash of Champions Predictions (2019)

SummerSlam Results {2019}

Whats up wrestling fans? It is time for the biggest pro wrestling event of the summer, WWE's SummerSlam. I have been feeling particularly hyped up for this one due to my SummerSlam Predictions post which was a first for me. I started my wrestling blogging with the Raw Reunion post that I did and have … Continue reading SummerSlam Results {2019}

Summerslam Predictions

What's up you guys? We are nearing the weekend of Summerslam, WWE'S biggest event of the summer. I thought that I should make a predictions post and get the chatter started before this weekend's festivities. Please feel free to let me know your own predictions and what you think about mine below. Keep in mind … Continue reading Summerslam Predictions

Raw Reunion (7/22/19)

What's up everybody? I thought that I might try something different tonight. I have been obsessively watching every Raw, Smackdown, and PPV the WWE has been putting out for the past few years, after falling off watching for quite some time before that. I have tossed around the idea of blogging about Wrestling since it … Continue reading Raw Reunion (7/22/19)