Stardew Valley – SGR: GOTY 2016

What a great year it has been for video games. We have had so many long awaited releases come out and live up to every bit of their hype. This is a wonderful thing to see because a lot of times the hype trains can tend to be for not. The Last Guardian, Inside, Stardew … Continue reading Stardew Valley – SGR: GOTY 2016

Stardew Valley

I wanted to wait until I finished upgrading my house, marrying, & having kids before doing a review. I have nominated this game for a Steam Award though and one of the challenges with that is writing a review. I have nominated it for the category that was obvious for me, the "Just 5 More … Continue reading Stardew Valley

Prison Architect

Alright let's talk about Prison Tycoon, excuse me, Prison Architect. I love this game! It has all the functionality of any of your favorite simulator games (Roller Coaster Tycoon, Sim City, Surgeon Simulator, no wait not that one), and it introduces you into the style of play in a really clever campaign. Choose what kind … Continue reading Prison Architect