Recent Finds

What's up everybody, I decided that I would like to share some of my crap that I have accumulated lately with y'all. It's not much, but it is always fun to add anything to the collection. I'll start off with what I have found at the newest and closest retro gaming store in my area, … Continue reading Recent Finds

Pokémon Black & White

Just as all the versions of Pokémon before it, this game was an incredible journey. I played Pokémon White version on the 2DS. It is an OG DS game, but that is part of the awesome backwards compatibility with the 2DS, I highly recommend it. Well jumping right into the game, the first three Pokémon … Continue reading Pokémon Black & White

Pokemon GO

I will be the first to admit, that what I thought was going to be a short lived passing interest for very few, has in many respects taken over the world. Pokemon GO is far more than a lite rip off phone game, it has become something huge that has even businesses and churches playing … Continue reading Pokemon GO