Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition (2019) [Switch]

Read my review on The Well-Red Mage Read my review of Pillars of Eternity on Nintendo Switch, spoilers, it's freaking amazing. It released on the 8th and has a ton of added content due to the highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Take a minute to see why all the hype is definitely warranted.

Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad out performed all of my expectations and should be considered nothing less than an indie classic. This game truly is something to behold (no developer pun intended), and is a perfect example of how less can be more with the right burst of creativity and clever design. You play as the Chroma Squad … Continue reading Chroma Squad

Space Pilgrim: Episode 1 Alpha Centauri

Space Pilgrim is a series made with RPG Maker that got my attention on Steam with the low price tag. This old school RPG has some problem solving, a good story with some twists and turns, & left me ready to continue with the rest of the series. The series was a steal for the … Continue reading Space Pilgrim: Episode 1 Alpha Centauri

Star Wars: KOTOR

In honor of "May The 4th Be With You" day, I am doing a review in homage to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. It is available now on so many platforms that there is no excuse for not having played this classic RPG. They even have this game on iOS now, which if … Continue reading Star Wars: KOTOR