Project MALLOW

Ok guys I give up!! I am not going to be able to finish this game in any kind of reasonable amount of time to write up a review. I still hope to finish it when I am able but this game is super difficult and it is taking me forever to progress. This was … Continue reading Project MALLOW

Youtubers Life (First Impressions)

So this was another game that I got some first look time in with over the Easter weekend. I also put about 2 hours into this one as well as Don't Starve. I thoroughly enjoyed both games but they are extremely different in nature. This one has you take your Youtuber through a rags to riches … Continue reading Youtubers Life (First Impressions)

Don’t Starve (First Impressions)

I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend, hopefully like me with an extra day or two off of work for maximum gaming time. Don't Starve was one that had been sitting in my Steam library that I decided to boot up this weekend, another was YouTuber's Life which I also really enjoyed and will try … Continue reading Don’t Starve (First Impressions)

Steam Controller

I have been using my Steam Controller for a couple of months now, I can hands down say it is my favorite controller that I have used for several reasons. The touch pad controls work wonderfully and make for the easiest typing experience on a controller out there to my knowledge. A keyboard is brought … Continue reading Steam Controller