The Bunker (pt. 2)

I had been walking for so long. I was experiencing exhaustion and hunger like I had never known in my life. I was plagued throughout the entire journey by invasive and overbearing thoughts that consumed me. Was my mother dead or alive? Was she even really my mother, or had we been fooled for our … Continue reading The Bunker (pt. 2)

Flash Fiction

The Hive (@The_Hive13 on Twitter) is holding submissions for their anthology of flash fiction or micro stories. Each story has to be 100 words and they give some type of prompt for each wave of submissions. If you are interested then be sure to go and check them out, they are also on Facebook ( … Continue reading Flash Fiction

The Bunker *{Narration}*

Listen on YouTube now! I am super excited to share with y'all the first narration of one of my stories. I posted "The Bunker" on reddit's r/nosleep subreddit and was reached out to by Viidith22. He then followed through and did this amazing narration and I could not be anymore happy with it. I am … Continue reading The Bunker *{Narration}*

Christmas Eve-il

My parents kept warning me for weeks. Ever since right after Thanksgiving, really. "Santa is coming." They would tell me. It sent shivers down my spine, especially when they told me he would be breaking into our house while I was asleep. What kind of sick people would allow something like that while they had … Continue reading Christmas Eve-il

2069 {A Series} *Part 3* ~Finale~

I was experiencing a bit of sensory overload after the events of the past few days. I needed to take a shower and prepare myself for those events that were still to come. One thing had to be done first and I knew it, no matter how terrible it was going to be. I went … Continue reading 2069 {A Series} *Part 3* ~Finale~