Hearthstone (Lovecraftian Cards)

I’d like to start by saying I loved Hearthstone before this update, but I am a straight up Lovecraft geek, so the new “Old Gods” cards are right up my alley.

I avidly support those who support the work of H.P. Lovecraft and felt compelled to make a post about the new cards. If you haven’t been playing (I have only been for a short time now) but are a huge Lovecraft fan like myself, then now is the time to jump right in.

Hearthstone pretty much clicked with me right away, even though I haven’t played a real card game since Pokemon in my childhood. The tutorial does a great job of letting you understand the mechanics and although it can be grueling at times once in competitive online play, I find myself drawn to it sometimes nightly. 

The new format has changed to make each month a new season and you receive rewards for each month of play. It’s a great time to go ahead and see what all the fuss is about with Hearthstone for multiple reasons, and with the all new non-Euclidean horrors of the “Old Gods” packs, Blizzard has made the deal that much sweeter for players of this highly addictive and easy to learn card game. 

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