Space Pilgrim: Episode II Epsilon Indi

Space Pilgrim II kept me hooked from beginning to end. It was a late night shuffling through Steam games before deciding that it was time to take a look into the next Space Pilgrim episode. 2 hours later & before I knew it I was finishing the game.

There is a creative story in this episode involving religious fanatics, mad scientist like doctors, and crooked cops. It has two of the main characters from the previous episode, especially Gail Pilgrim the main character.

It gives you more of the interesting story telling, simple but fun problem solving, and interesting plot twists that you would come to expect from playing the first in the series. I appreciated the little astronomy lesson in the titles of the games as well.

The style is obviously retro/RPGmaker, but the dialogue has some winks and nods to modern situations and delivers with the humor and suspense. These aren’t the epic time consuming games that you will spend huge portions of your time to dig into and finish, but for a short narrative driven experience Space Pilgrim has delivered twice for me and I look forward to seeing the rest of the series.

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