Liberator TD (Indie Game Press Release)

*The following is a press release from Okay Studios about their upcoming game Liberator TD, it is an interesting looking mix of a top down shooter with a tower defense game. I am looking forward to the game and am overjoyed in helping to spread the word about this game that has made it through the process of being Greenlit on Steam*

Liberator TD 

Genres : TD/TDS/RPG

Languages : Russian, English, Chinese

Setting : Sci-fi

Viewpoint: 2D, Top-Down

Developer: OkayStudios

Multiplayer: Scheduled

Scheduled release date: Spring 2017

Age : 16+




Liberator TD is a glorious mix of tower defense and top down shooter genres set in a sci-fi world. Tasked with the mission to establish a new colony on a distant planet, you find yourself in grave danger of the local wildlife. Gear up at the armory, set up the static defenses, fight off the enemy and solve the mysteries of the planet!

Key features:

– a detailed story with plot twists that truly make you rethink the previously completed levels.

– wide range of weapons from a pistol to the rocket launcher, each fully upgradeable.

– various turrets and landmines to fortify your defenses.

– unique bosses that can pose a serious challenge to even the experienced tacticians.

– intense action – grab that pulse minigun and give ‘em hell!

– secrets, easter eggs and references all over the game. Those who enjoy to explore every nook and cranny will certainly be satisfied.


Each of the Liberator TD’s bosses has unique abilities and behaviours. Plan your fights ahead and choose the right tools for the job. Mini-bosses and regular mobs also possess special characteristics making each battle highly dynamic and requiring your skill and attention.


To make the most of your firepower and to complete the each level’s extra challenges you can upgrade your weapons, enhance the turrets, and level up your character. You are free to invest the skill points and currency into whichever progression path you choose. Come up with your own playstyle that suits you best!


As you immerse yourself in the game, you will discover new strategies to beat the levels. Unlock and take on the harder difficulties to experiment with unusual tactics.


You start off fighting for your life using the engineering tools as your basic melee weapon. As you progress through the game, you get to unlock new weapons, turrets, mines, armors and abilities. The enemies certainly keep up though – they become tougher and trickier to defeat. The stakes get higher, the harsh environment throws new challenges at you, and the game becomes a lot more complex. Set up your defenses, lay the landmines, arm yourself to teeth and prepare for combat!


The main character arrives on a distant planet with the mission to prepare it for colonization. Or so Marvin – the onboard AI – claims, despite the planet being apparently infested with local hostile fauna. What are they not telling you?


Explore the planet to find out its secrets and the truth behind your mission. Meet new characters on your way and be ready to truly rethink the events that you’ve gone through.


The game starts on a space station and subsequently takes you to the vast landscapes of the designated planet – full of life with its well-developed flora and fauna. Weather conditions change, the times of day do as well, and this causes a direct impact on the gameplay. Some of the other types of events can also be affected by the player.


There are several distinct locations each with its own climate conditions and the visual style. The levels are structured differently bringing new types of enemies into the mix and allowing you to uncover new aspects of the world as you progress.

Liberator TD offers neat surprises for the most attentive players allowing them to reveal hidden locations, engage in combat with unique enemies, and find secrets and easter eggs. Replaying the game allows you not only to pick a different progression path but also to notice things that you’ve missed on your previous runs.


Okay Studios Logo


About us

Our core team is comprised of four people though many others have assisted us in the development of this game. We really appreciate the help – Liberator TD would have never become what it is today without you.

Recently, we have publicly released the demo version of the game (links provided below). It took us over a year to achieve this milestone. We’re currently polishing the game and working on the final details in the story and gameplay.

We’re open for your feedback and we do appreciate your suggestions and opinions. Feel free to contact us If you’re willing to help our project. You are more than welcome to join our growing community. Together we can make Liberator TD even better!


Our contacts and links:


Site: (EN\RU)

VK: (RU)

Twitter: (EN)

Facebook: (EN)

YouTube: (EN\RU)


Demo (x64):

Demo (x86):





Logo and icon:

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